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Clubs at Columbia College include but are not limited to: Student Association, Entrepreneur Club, Green Club, Conversation Club, and the Quitters Club. If you would like to start your own club or for more information, see Ben at the Student Services.

The Student Association of Columbia College was officially formed in 2005 and with Columbia’s international student body, has served as fertile ground for a diverse and plentiful range of Student Interest and Sports clubs at the College.

There are currently over 20 Sports and Student Interest clubs based at the College, overwhelmingly organized and operated by student volunteers from across the College’s programs. Outside of the classrooms and the corridors, these clubs are the greatest opportunity open to students at Columbia to benefit from the incredibly multinational population that has been brought together through the shared desires to study English and to achieve success within University and Higher Education programs in Canada.

Our current Sports / Athletics clubs include:

Club Active
CC Basketball All semesters
CC Dragonboat Winter and Summer semesters only
CC Tennis Summer semester only
CC Soccer All semesters
CC Badminton All semesters
CC Mixed Martial Arts All semesters
CC Dance All semesters
CC Yoga All semesters
CC Ice Skating Fall and Winter semesters only
CC Swimming All semesters
CC Table Tennis All semesters
CC Hiking Summer semester only
CC Cricket Winter and Summer semesters only
CC Volleyball All semesters

Our current Student Interest clubs include:

Club Active
CC Student Association All semesters
CC Guitar All semesters
CC French All semesters
CC Spanish/Latino All semesters
CC East Asia All semesters
CC Photography Club All semesters
CC Table Games All semesters
CC Entrepreneur All semesters
CC Chinese Painting Club All semesters
CC Mixed Martial Arts All semesters