aCCess Card Program

Program Description

As a registered charity, Columbia College is continually seeking new ways to support international students and support their access to higher education. While the College cannot support the full cost of transit passes for all students throughout their studies, this program is intended to partially offset the costs of a Compass Card and provide initial stored value for students to begin accessing public transit in Metro Vancouver.  

The aCCess Card will provide new College students with a Compass Card from Translink with a pre-loaded value that can be applied towards a Monthly Pass or used to pay for transit in Metro Vancouver. Students who already have a Compass Card will be eligible to have the transit subsidy added to their existing card. This program is for Adult Compass Cards (for ages 19 and over).


  • Students who are eligible for a Concession Compass Card are not eligible for the program

  • Students must be enrolled on a full time basis at the College: 9 credits or more

  • Each student is only eligible to receive the card, or added value, once per academic year


  • New Students are eligible to obtain the aCCess Card beginning at orientation in their first semester. They have until week #6 to claim the card.

  • Continuing students who have a Compass Card to be loaded with the added value must provide the card number to the College no later than week #4. After the deadline, card numbers will be provided to Translink to have the value added onto each card.

  • Students who miss this deadline must wait until the next semester to request to have the value added. Approval will be subject to available funding.

  • Students using Concession Cards who turn 19 during their studies at the College can make a request to obtain a new aCCess Card at the beginning of the next semester within the first 6 weeks.


This program is an added discretionary benefit to College students and is only available subject to available funding. The College may terminate the program at any time, and may review, update or change these guidelines any time at its sole discretion. Students benefitting from the program agree to abide by the Compass Card Terms and Conditions of Use provided by Translink. The College will not be liable for incorrect Compass Card numbers provided to Translink for program participation, or for any failure to provide the card or loaded value to College students for any reason whatsoever.