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Homestay and Custodianship Fees

Homestay, Custodianship and Airport Reception Fees

All fees are in CAD dollars (effective from September 1st, 2017).

Homestay Placement Fee (non-refundable) $250.00
Custodianship Set-up (if required) $200.00
Airport Reception (if requested) $70.00
Custodianship Monitoring Fee (per semester) $80.00
Homestay Deposit, without Custodianship (First and Last Month’s Rent) $1,650.00
Homestay Deposit, with Custodianship (First and Last Month’s Rent) $1,800.00
Homestay, single month*
(* Available to new students over the age of 19 who want temporary accommodation while they settle in Vancouver)

The cost of Homestay is $825.00 per month if the host family is not acting as Custodian, $900.00 per month if the host family is acting as Custodian. The College collects a monitoring fee from students in homestay who have a College-arranged Custodianship arrangement. Underage students who require Custodianship from the College must pay homestay fees in full for the entire semester (4 months) in advance.