From Snowstorms to Tennis: Studying Towards Success at Columbia College

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Areej Riaz, a former Adult Secondary student who is currently studying in Columbia College’s University Transfer engineering program, was recently accepted to BCIT’s Chemical and Environmental Engineering program! Congratulations, Areej! Read more about Areej’s academic experience and future plans, and how she found friendship and lifelong memories at the College through snowstorms and student life activities:

When did you come to Columbia College, how did you hear about us, and why did you choose to attend this school?

I started Columbia College in January 2018 and I heard about Columbia College through a well-known educational consultant institute. The reason I chose CC was that the reviews I heard personally from few of my acquaintances were positive.

What was your first impression when you arrived in Vancouver?

The first time I came to Vancouver I found it to be extremely beautiful and a welcoming city.

What’s your favorite memory and/or favorite class during your time at the College and why?

Although I enjoyed all of my classes as they were interesting and challenging, there was this one day in particular that has become one of my best memories. There was this day during mid-February where all of a sudden it started snowing and all of us students were attending a lecture. Suddenly one of the College staff walked in and informed us that classes were cancelled due to heavy snowstorm and it was then that all of us went to the park near the station and took some great shots. It was truly memorable.

How has Columbia College helped you with your academic and/or career path?

I am still a student at Columbia College. I will be attending the College next semester and that will be my last semester until I start at BCIT. Columbia honestly has made me exceed my potential and made me realize that hard and smart work always pays off.

What activities or clubs did you join while you were at the College? What impact did joining these clubs and activities have on you?

I joined the Columbia College tennis club and it was a good experience. It also helped me in developing my productivity skills.

What are your future plans? Where are you transferring to and what do you hope to do career-wise?

I will be studying Chemical and Environmental Technology (Process Engineering) at BCIT. It is a new highly advanced program that they introduced. I want to become a researcher.

Why do you think students should consider studying at Columbia College?

Columbia College prepares students for university. The Science instructors are really experienced and every instructor has a unique way of teaching which can be challenging yet interesting.

What advice would you give to students who are attending their first semester at the College?

The only advice i would give is to try to be active and get involved inside the College. Connect with your peers. Be up to date and of course attend all your classes – that is the key to success. This will increase your productivity and will be helpful for your future time at Columbia College.

Anything else you would like to add about your experience at the college? About Canada in general?

I am actually glad I chose Columbia College because of the friends that I made and Canada has been really welcoming. It feels like I am at home away from home.