Winter 2021 Secondary Announcements


These are the Secondary announcements in Winter 2021. The latest announcements will be posted on top. Scroll down for past announcements.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

New Today

Pro-D Day this Friday. No School.

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Ping Pong qualifier matches this Thursday 3-5 pm - Talk to Bijan for schedule of when you are playing.

Art contest – Submit sketches, paintings, street photography to The Basement!

Monday, March 15, 2021

New Today

What a great Spirit Week we had! Here are the top scores and winners of last Friday’s challenges:

  • Face the cookie – Andre 54 milliseconds
  • Defying Gravity – Basel 18 seconds
  • Shake It Off – Basel 5 seconds
  • Iron Man – Scotty 9 seconds
  • Root Beer Chugalug – Salah 22 seconds

Previous Announcements

Ping Pong Tournament – Today is deadline to sign up with Danial Asli or Mr Bijan. Qualifiers are happening this Thursday starting at 3pm.

Art and photography contest - Bring your artwork to the Student Council and join the contest! The three categories are sketches, paintings, or street photography. You can bring your original pieces to The Basement. We will display them there until the end of March. If you have any questions, please talk to Divyan Chamunda for more info. 

Friday, March 12, 2021

New Today

Ping Pong tournament – Qualifier matches next Thursday during Ping Pong club. Official matches will come the following week. You must attend the qualifiers to be part of the tournament. Sign up with Danial Asli or with Bijan.

Art and photography contest – three categories: sketches, paintings, street photography. All submitted artwork will be displayed in The Basement until the end of the month.

Previous Announcements

Interview Skills Workshop - Today at 3 pm. Check events calendar for more info and to register.

Challenge Accepted starts at 4 pm today!

Thursday, March 11, 2021

New Today

Tomorrow, our Career Advisor Linus is hosting an Interview Skills Workshop from 3-4 PM. Check the events calendar on our website or your emails for the registration link. This workshop will cover

  • Interview preparation
  • Commonly asked interview questions
  • Tips on leaving a strong & positive impression
  • Time to practice potential interview questions

Yesterday, Dr. Bonnie Henry, our BC provincial health officer, advised the presidents of all public colleges and universities to prepare for a full return to on-campus education this September. An email was sent to all students yesterday regarding this. Please spread the news.

Sports Day – Tomorrow! Sports jersey, workout wear, athleisure.

Previous Announcements

Challenge Accepted tomorrow – Doors open at 4 and Challenges start at about 4:15. Join us to test your skills or watch other people try the challenges. If you don’t show up, we can only assume you’re not up for the task. So be there or be square!

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

New Today

It’s pajama day! Please join us for a PJ day group photo at 11:50 in the lounge.

Our first Pathways to PR session is happening online today 2-4 PM and Thursday same time. Hosted by SUCCESS BC, Pathways to PR teaches you how to get your Permanent Residency in Canada through Express Entry and BC Provincial Nomination Program. To access the session, visit our events calendar to register.

Tomorrow is the first Wellness Wednesday event hosted by the CCSA. It’s an online movie night from 7-9 pm featuring the movie A Beautiful Mind which is about a genius mathematician and his experience with schizophrenia.

Tomorrow is TikTok Day! You can follow the College on TikTok @columbiacollege1936.

Monday, March 8, 2021

New Today

Happy IWD! Today at lunch, join Student Council in the Lounge for a series of activities celebrating women. We have a trivia game, a bake sale and photo challenge. Instructors and students, come on down at lunch time to check everything out and support IWD!

Previous Announcements

Challenge Accepted – Spirit Week will end with a bang next Friday. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete five challenges. If you don’t want to be a challenger, you are invited to spectate! Everyone who participates in the challenges will be entered in to a prize draw, and there will also be prizes for the top scores of each challenge. As a bonus, anyone who does all five challenges will get 5 extra prize draw tickets!

Thursday, March 4, 2021

New Today

Yesterday's QOTD - What is your favourite song about girl power or by a female music artist? We will leave this up for one more day so we can collect more suggestions! It doesn’t have to be in English. You can share a song in your language! If you don’t know the English name of the song, just write it on the board in your language! Google Translate can read it.

Today's QOTD - What’s the best thing you have going on in your life at the moment? Let’s hear about all the good stuff happening to you! Grab a white board marker and tell us!

International Women's Day - Today, join our #ChooseToChallenge selfie challenge in the Student Lounge! You can take a picture with one of our Selfie Cards that say declarations like “I will forge a gender equal world” or “I will call out gendered actions or assumptions” OR you can write your own declaration! Post your selfie on Instagram and tag the College and 1-2 of your friends to join the challenge. We invite you to raise your hand in solidarity with women all over the world and #ChooseToChallenge! See you in the lounge today at lunch.

Previous Announcements

You heard it before, you’ll hear it again! Next week is Spirit Week! In addition to all the themed days and activities, we have a special event next Friday: Challenge Accepted. Join us for 5 challenges including Face the Cookie, Iron Man, Root Beer Chugalug and more!

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

New Today

Yesterday's QOTD - Why do Canada geese stand on one leg? The real answer is because they're cold and tucking one leg helps retain heat! Other creative answers included to help conserve energy while they sleep.

Today's QOTD - What is your favourite song about girl power or by a female music artist? We are compiling a Spotify playlist for International Women's Day and your song suggestions may be added!

Did you know Columbia College has a Spotify profile? Follow us by searching "Columbia College, Vancouver" and you can find various playlists for studying, group projects, destressing, and more.

Weekly Workout with Power 10 Club - This Friday, we are partnering with Dance Club to learn a Nigerian dance! If you are interested in dancing or Nigerian culture, join us in The Basement at 4pm on Friday.

Previous Announcements

Spirit Week details are up on the TV screens. Please check them out and start thinking about what to wear next week!

WUSC club is holding an art collection for International Women's Day. You can submit your artwork that celebrates women and challenges inequality practices. Your artwork can be anything from painting to poems, photography, typography, posters, short stories, speeches, spoken word, and more!

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

New Today

Yesterday's QOTD was "What is your favourite place in Metro Vancouver?" We got many great responses including...

  • Capilano
  • Downtown
  • Stanley Park
  • Queen Elizabeth Park in the summer
  • Capitol Hill

Today's QOTD: Why do Canada geese stand on one leg? We encourage you to make up with creative answers or you can tell us the real reason.

Happy Birthday to our students born in March! Vanessa, Ahnaf, Rafli and Jim!

Spirit Week is next week! There will be themed activities each day. Here are the themes and what to wear:

  • Monday: International Women's Day - wear something purple
  • Tuesday: Pajama Day - wear your PJs or your comfy lounge clothes to school
  • Wednesday: TikTok Day - edgy, casual, Gen-Z vibes!
  • Thursday: 90s Day - think Friends, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Boy Meets World
  • Friday: Sports Day - sports jersey (can be your own or professional), workout wear, or athleisure

International Women's Day - The 2021 theme is #ChooseToChallenege. To celebrate IWD and challenge inequality practices, WUSC club is holding an art collection. You can submit your artwork that celebrates women and challenges inequality practices. Your artwork can be anything from painting to poems, photography, typography, posters, short stories, speeches, spoken word, and more!

Monday, March 1, 2021

New Today

We are starting Questions of the Day today! First QOTD - What is your favourite place in Metro Vancouver?

Friday, February 26, 2021

New Today

The winner of our Black History Month prize draw is Karen!

Check your emails for all the upcoming events in March presented by Student Services, Student Engagement Ambassadors and Student Life!

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Previous Announcements

Our Black History Month movie night is today! We will be watching Hidden Figures. This movie aims to please and educate. Hidden Figures is a true story historical drama that tells about both discrimination against women and racial segregation and how three African-American women fought back for their rights. Free popcorn will be available for those who stay for the movie night! Join us in The Basement. The movie will start promptly at 4pm.

Spirit Week is coming up March 8-12. We have Spirit Week every semester to have some fun and boost school spirit. Every day that week will be a different theme that you can dress up for and activities matching that theme. For example, March 8 is International Women’s Day which is a purple theme day, so we encourage you to wear purple to school that day. Other themes will be revealed soon.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

New Today

Tomorrow is Pink Shirt Day. Every year in February, Pink Shirt Day raises awareness about bullying, how it impacts people, and how to intervene. Bullying is a major problem in schools, workplaces, homes, and online. So what are you going to do to take a stand against bullying? The easiest thing you can do is find a pink shirt at home and wear it to school tomorrow. If you want to do more, then maybe buy a t-shirt or beanie or even just donate to the cause. If you are passionate about this topic, at 4-5 pm today we will be screening the documentary Dark Cloud: The High Cost of Cyberbullying.

Dark Cloud: The High Cost of Cyberbullying explores the devastating impacts of cyberbullying on the lives of young people through the eyes of Carol Todd. Carol is the mother of Amanda Todd - the B.C. teen whose suicide after two years of bullying, exacerbated by a cyberstalker, became a flashpoint for global action and gained her the label “The Girl Who Woke Up the World.”

Dark Cloud follows Carol’s ongoing fight for cyberbullying awareness, unfolding the much larger story, introducing us to families who have endured similar experiences and some of the most important anti-cyberbullying experts in Canada. Weaving their expertise and experience together, Dark Cloud illuminates the statistics, clarifies the long consequences of cyberbullying and shares insights into both cyberbullying's causes and its prevention.

Previous Announcements

The vote is in and our Black History Month movie choice is Hidden Figures. Join us on Thursday, 4-6 pm in The Basement – free popcorn!

Monday, February 22, 2021

New Today

In a couple of weeks, we will have Spirit Week! This is a tradition in many high schools in NA. Spirit Week is a whole week of activities to boost school spirit. Each day will be a different theme with different things you can do to participate like dressing up, playing games with us, joining contests and so on. I hope this gives you guys something to look forward to!

Previous Announcements

BHM Movie Night is this Thursday. Cast your vote today in the Student Lounge.

Friday, February 19, 2021

New Today

No smoking or vaping allowed anywhere on the school property.

Please stay on the 3rd floor only, other floors are off limits unless you are escorted by a staff member. Any staff members can be reached on Teams and they can come to the 3rd floor to meet you.

Previous Announcements

Student ID cards are ready for pick up. If you had your photo taken a couple weeks ago, please see Deborah in the Bookstore today to grab your card.

In honour of Black History Month, we will be having an in-person movie night next Thursday. There are six movie options we want to choose from which you can see on the TV screens. You are invited to help us decide by voting in the Bookstore! Voting will be open today and Monday. Students who vote will also be entered into a prize draw, which will happen at the movie night.

We have a HIIT cardio workout today! If you want to join us, change to your workout clothes after school and meet us at 4pm in Room 314. Come work your cardio and core with us!

Next Wednesday is Pink Shirt Day or Anti-Bullying Day. We will have activities in the lounge that day about how to combat bullying in school and in the community. Do you have your pink shirt ready?

Thursday, February 18, 2021

New Today

If you got your Student ID photo taken a couple weeks ago, your Student ID Card will be ready for pick up tomorrow! Please see Deborah in the Bookstore to get your ID Card any time tomorrow.

Previous Announcements

Many of you are wondering why it was okay not to wear your mask before and now you have to...  so I got some insight from Nurse Claire. The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health added this new requirement because evidence supports wearing masks as an effective layer of protection. There is still the possibility of someone being pre-symptomatic or asymptotic. We want to do as much as we can to prevent any cases at CC, so in hallways and the lounge where it is not possible to distance, wearing a mask is the next best layer of protection. The thing is we need everyone to pitch in, so please remember wear your masks consistently!

Today, we have our Black History Month reading event at 12-1 pm on Teams in the Virtual Student Lounge! Come and get some great Black-authored book recommendations from our head librarian, Faith!

Everyone is welcome to Power 10 Club tomorrow from 4-5 PM for our HIIT cardio workout. We’re going to do some high-knees, fast feet, and star jumps; plus work your core and lower body with jumping lunges and planks. Join us at 4pm this Friday! Bring your workout clothes and come to Room 314.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

New Today

I have a few important reminders, so please listen up:

  1. Attention all students who are on the Tuition Installment Plan, your 2nd installment is due today by 5pm. You can pay by debit or credit with Nav or Deborah in their office, or bring them a bank draft. If you have any questions, please pop in to see them.
  2. For the safety of everyone in the College, Secondary students should only be accessing the 3rd floor. If you need to see the nurse, please come see Nav or Deborah and they will take you there.  If you are found on other floors without permission, you will be reported to the Principal.
  3. Check your emails daily and the whiteboard at the top of the stairs. Important updates are sent to you and posted on the board on a regular basis.
  4. New mask rule - Please remember to put on your mask when you are in the hallways and in the lounge.

Want to get a workout in? Join Power 10 Club for a HIIT cardio workout this Friday after school. We spend a lot more time sitting these days, so let’s get your heart rate moving with some high-knees, fast feet, and star jumps; plus work your core and lower body with jumping lunges and planks. Join us at 4pm this Friday in Room 314! Bring your workout clothes.

Previous Announcements

Tomorrow, we have our next Black History Month event online: Let’s Get Reading! This is a chance to learn about Black-authored novels, comics and books with our head librarian, Faith. Come and get some great recommendations!

Next Wednesday is Pink Shirt Day or Anti-Bullying Day. We will have activities in the lounge that day about how to combat bullying in school and in the community. Do you have your pink shirt ready?

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

New Today

Volunteer opportunity - International Insurance is looking for student leaders to be part of their volunteer Campus Ambassador team! Campus Ambassadors help promote and keep.meSAFE services and help keep our students informed about how to use resources. You will receive training, opportunities for professional development and networking with other students from schools all across Canada. An email was sent to you on Friday with links to the info page and application form, so please check your emails for more details and to apply.

Student Council members, we will meet after school today to quickly debrief last week’s events. The meeting will be short, only until 4:30. Please come if you are available.

Our next Black History Month event online is coming up this Thursday. Our head librarian, Faith will be sharing some great book recommendations on Black-authored novels, comics and books.

On Anti-Bullying Day, we wear pink. This is coming up next Wednesday! We will also have an opportunity to learn about bullying and how to combat bullying in school and in our community. Start looking for the pinkest shirt you have in your closets!

At the end of the month, we have another virtual activity: Harry Potter’s Virtual London Tour. This is going to be a fast-paced Zoom activity hosted by a Scottish comedian. He will lead us to explore locations that brought Harry Potter to life on screen and learn behind-the-scenes stories from both the films and the books. We’ll see the real entrance to Diagon Alley, then we pop down to see the Ministry of Magic, and floo powder over to the magic barrier at King's Cross station. It’s going to be a blast, so make sure you grab a spot this week because they’re already ¾ gone!

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Previous Announcements

Candy Grams are on display in the Bookstore. This is a common North American Valentine’s tradition in which you can buy a package of candies, lollis and a card with a special message from you to a secret crush, friend, or significant other. Student Council will deliver the Candy Grams on Friday to the recipients.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

New Today

Candy Grams - Love is in the air! This Friday, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day on campus. Student Council wants to help you deliver your feelings to the special people in your life with Candy Grams! A Candy Gram is a package of candies and a card with a special message from you which Student Council will deliver on your behalf. Whether it’s a secret love confession, a note to your friends saying how much you appreciate their friendship, or a message to your significant other to remind them how much you love them – Student Council has got your back. Sales start today in the Student Lounge! Come down at lunch time to check out the options and pick out something for your friend, gal or guy, or secret crush.

Monday, February 8, 2021

New Today

There are Arctic Outflow and Extreme Cold warnings in effect this week. Arctic air is coming down from the north and temperatures here on the south coast of BC this week  are expected to be 5-10 degrees lower than what we normally get. You can already feel it now. Please dress warmly in layers and get yourself some gloves and/or a scarf.

If it snows, please check the school website in the morning before you head out to school. In addition, follow our IG @columbiacollege1936 for updates there as well. Classes will continue online.

Lockdown drill – This Wednesday is our lockdown drill. This is part of our emergency preparedness. A lockdown drill helps us practice what to do in the case of a dangerous intruder. Here are the basics, when you hear the LD message, quickly move to the closest room that can close and lock and has blinds. Turn off all lights, close the blinds and go to the least visible corner of the room. The key is to stay completely quiet.

Previous Announcements

As of yesterday, the BC government is mandating face masks even within our school bubble on the 3rd floor. All staff and students are required to wear a mask in all indoor areas including the hallways and classrooms. You can only remove your mask when you are at your desk, when there is a barrier in place, or when you’re eating and drinking. As we all get used to the new guidelines, please treat each other with respect and give kind reminders if you see someone not wearing their mask in the halls.

Our next online Black History Month event is next Friday – an Intro to Racial Justice workshop with the founder of Black Lives Matter Vancouver, Cicely Blain. This workshop will talk about skills to speak up and combat racism in our community.

Student Council is preparing a Family Dinner just for you next Thursday after school. In Asia, the reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve is a very important event that kickstarts the festivities by having family members everywhere return to their hometown to reunite and have a big meal together. Since you can’t travel home this year, we want to celebrate as a CC family! Free tickets will be available starting today at lunch. If you would like to celebrate Lunar New Year with us, come grab a ticket from us in Room 314 aka The Basement. Tickets are limited so make sure you get one before they run out!

Thursday, February 4, 2021


The BC government announced new restrictions for Secondary schools this morning. Masks are now mandatory within our school bubble starting immediately. All staff and students are required to wear a mask in all indoor areas including the 3rd floor. The only exceptions are when you’re at your desk or workstation, when there is a barrier in place, or when you’re eating and drinking. In addition, stricter guidelines are in place for the sports and music. Ping Pong Club, Music Club and Power 10 Club are affected - info will be passed on to the club leaders, so please review the new rules with your club when you meet next.

February is Black History Month and we have online events every week this month. Today, we have the first event called “Making a Mark in History” – It’s all about Black history in Canada, the first markers, and role models! It will be happening on the virtual Student Lounge in Teams at 12pm. All students are automatically added to the Student Lounge, so you should have access. And you will see the meeting start at 12. If you don’t have class then hit join to participate!

Our next online Black History Month event is next Friday – an Intro to Racial Justice workshop with the founder of Black Lives Matter Vancouver, Cicely Blain. This workshop will talk about skills to speak up and combat racism in our community.

Speaking of these events, you may be wondering how you can get more info. Well, a Student Life Newsletter was sent out on Tuesday with all the links to details on our website. February is really packed with lots going on virtually and in person, so you must check out the online events calendar to see what’s happening. That’s at

How are celebrating Lunar New Year on campus this year? Student Council is preparing a Family Dinner next Thursday after school. In Asia, the reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve is one of the most important events each year. It kickstarts the festivities by having family members everywhere return to their hometown to reunite and have a big meal together. Since you can’t travel home this year, we want to celebrate as a CC family! Limited free tickets will be available starting today at lunch in Room 314.

Thursday, January 28, 2021


Great job on Tuesday’s fire drill, everyone. You did well and listened to instructions, THANK YOU. One thing we can work on next fire drill is to move more quickly. It is important that we evacuate as quickly as possible, so next time let’s set a new record and move quickly.

Literacy Exam is today at 12pm in the Computer Lab. Check the white board and your emails to see if you are writing it. Please check in with Nav/Deborah in the Bookstore before you proceed to the Computer Lab.

Starting today, the fridge in the Student Lounge is available for student use. It will be cleaned out weekly on Friday afternoons before 3pm. Please remove items you want to keep before that time. Anything left in there will be tossed out and/or recycled.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Mandatory Numeracy Exam is tomorrow Wed Jan 27 at 12pm in the Computer Lab.  Check your emails and the white board at the top of the stairs to see if you will be writing it.

If you want to play soccer tomorrow, sign up closes today. Please join the club on Teams to find the registration form!

Badminton Club also plays tomorrow 5-7pm. 6 spots are available. We will be training for the first hour and playing games for the second hour. Please sign up on Teams.

If you need lined paper, binders, used notebooks, and dictionaries, see Deborah or Nav in the Bookstore. These items are FREE.

Previous Announcements

Fire Drill - Today, we have our fire drill at 11:40am. During the drill, when you get to the assembly area outside, please find your teacher and stand with your class on the sidewalk until the ok is given to re-enter the building.

Monday, January 25, 2021


Fire Drill - Tomorrow, we have our fire drill during second period. Every semester, we have emergency preparedness drills to practice how we respond to emergencies such as a fire, earthquake, or dangerous intruder. Your teachers will explain in detail how the fire drill works, but here are the basics. When you hear the fire alarm, stay calm, put on your mask and move quickly to the nearest fire exit. Do not use the main stairs or elevators. Our assembly area is behind the building on the sidewalk. Move towards Long & McQuade to make space for everyone.

Friday, January 22, 2021


New students who had their ID photos taken during Orientation can pick up their ID cards starting today at the Bookstore.

Snow is predicted for parts of the Lower Mainland starting Sunday.  Please check the CC website on Monday at 6:30am.  If the campus is closed, do not come to school and all your classes will be online.

Thursday, January 21, 2021


Happy 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century!

Important reminder for new students! Please fill the medical history form on the Student Portal if you have not done so. You will find it on the red bar at the top of the home page.

Previous Announcements

Student Council is looking for input from students to share their cultural New Year traditions! We would love to learn about your culture’s new year traditions! You are invited to our next meeting on Monday for the first 15 minutes to share your knowledge. A sign-up sheet is posted in the Student Lounge by the TV screen.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021


The Student Council is looking for some help planning Lunar New Year. We are looking for students who know about their cultural New Year traditions and are willing to share their insight! A sign-up sheet will be posted in the Student Lounge by the TV screen, so please put your name if you can help us out and then join our next meeting on Monday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Music Club first meeting today after school 4-6pm in Room 320. If you have any questions, you can ask the club leader, Tom.

Three spots left for Badminton Club tomorrow. Please message Zerlinda on Teams to sign up.

As a reminder, we are not accepting drop-ins for any sports this semester, including both soccer and badminton. Students must sign up weekly. Please join on Teams to get all the information there.

Monday, January 18, 2021


Club activities are starting this week. Every club should finalize their meeting time for this semester by the end of the week. You can find updated information on the Clubs page. In addition, all active clubs are on Teams and you can join them by simply going to the Teams tab and searching for the club you’d like to join.

As a brief reminder, here are the days that confirmed clubs are meeting this week:

Today, there is a virtual world tour with Student Engagement Ambassadors (SEAs) Gurjashan and Inderpal will lead you around the world to famous sightseeing places, tourist sites, popular attractions, you name it! On top of that, they will tell you the costs to travel there, and living expenses too. The first virtual tour will be of Canada, then students will vote where to travel next.

Our events calendar is jam packed this semester! There are student-led virtual events happening weekly via the virtual Student Lounge on Teams, including Social Talk with Alex, TED Talks with IB, and CC Updates with Gurjashan and Inderpal. Again, visit the Events Calendar for more info!

Previous Announcements

Today is the last day of registration. If you wanted to add or drop any classes, this is your last chance! After 5pm today, you will not be able to change your courses anymore, so speak to your Academic Advisor today or forever hold your peace.

Friday, January 15, 2021


Badminton Club is restarting this semester. We will play at Badminton Vancouver on Saturdays. The time is still to be decided. Join the club and members will pick the time together. Soccer Club is also starting next week on Wednesdays from 3-5pm on Trillium Turf. These sports are only available for students in our Secondary bubble!

To find information about clubs after today, you can visit the College website at or Zerlinda with any questions.

Previous Announcements

As a reminder next Monday is the last day to register. If you want to add or drop classes, please talk to your Academic Advisor!

Thursday, January 14, 2021


If you still want to add or drop classes, the last day to register is next Monday. If you want to adjust your timetable, make sure you talk to your Academic Advisor in the next couple of days!

Ping Pong club is starting today after school at 4pm in Room 320. Drop ins are welcome, so even if you did not sign up yesterday, you can still go and sign up with the club leader Bijan.

Other clubs are slowly deciding their meeting day and time for this semester. Updates will be made to the clubs poster board in the Student Lounge today and tomorrow, so check back to find out when your clubs will be having their first meeting!

Student Council meetings this semester will be on Mondays from 4-5pm. This semester, we look forward to celebrating Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, Nowruz and other similar holidays! If you care about those events and want to help, you are invited to get involved with Student Council!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


Welcome and welcome back to Columbia College!

Do you have your Student ID card yet? If you need your ID photo taken, please come to Room 314 at lunch today. Students who got their photo taken last week can pick up their ID cards from the Bookstore next week.

Get plugged into a club! Come to the Student Lounge at lunch tomorrow to sign up for clubs or learn how you can start your own club.

Students who are interested in joining the Student Council should attend the first meeting tomorrow after school at 4pm in Room 314. Anyone who is interested can join this meeting to learn more about Student Council.