Best Study Spaces in Vancouver


By Student Blogger: Sana Poornasiri (with help from Shanna Meunier)

As college students, we all need a go-to place to study and sometimes, those places are hard to find. Here are a few suggestions to lead you to that special somewhere!

Columbia College Library:

The Library here at Columbia College is a dynamic space where a variety of different activities take place all day, every day.  If you are looking for a space to study on campus, we’ve got several options for you depending on how you like to study!

  • If you need total silence to get that learning burning, you will want to find a seat in the Silent Study room in the back corner of the library beside the Librarian offices. This room is for individual silent study only – no conversations, phone calls, or loud music.
  • If you are okay with a bit of background noise and the occasional whispered conversation, find yourself a seat in the Quiet Study area which can be found just outside of the Silent Study room.  This area is for individual quiet study – conversations are kept brief and low, and group work is referred to other areas of the library. If you really need to concentrate, the library is generally quietest in the mornings before 10 am, in the evenings after 4 pm, and on Saturdays.
  • If you are not bothered by surrounding conversations or have some group work to do, you can head to any of the group tables in the library across from the circulation desk. These areas generally see more activity and noise throughout the day, so they’re great for studying with friends but not great if you need a lot of quiet to concentrate.
  • If you have been assigned a group project and need to get your crew together in one place to make that project magic happen, the library has two group study rooms with everything you need to collaborate and work on things together as a group of up to six people.

Vancouver Public Libraries:

You can find them everywhere! Their hours and locations differ so it’s better to check them online. This one is the most popular one:
Address: Central Library Branch, 350 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6B 6B1



  • 10 am – 9 pm


  • 10 am – 9 pm


  • 10 am – 9 pm


  • 10 am – 9 pm


  • 10 am – 9 pm


  • 10 am – 9 pm


  • 10 am – 9 pm

For more info:

Coffee Shops:

Studying in coffee shops is so popular these days, usually because you have easy access to snacks and drinks, and there are background noises that some people find necessary to focus. But the main reason is that many coffee shops are open 24/7 and you can study there when libraries are all closed.

Starbucks: It depends on its location but many Starbucks shops open early morning and close at midnight.

Breka Bakery & Café: there are three locations and all of them are open 24/7.

East Vancouver: 6533 Fraser Street, Vancouver. Phone: 604.325.6612
Downtown Vancouver 1: 818 Bute Street, Vancouver. Phone: 604.620.8200
Downtown Vancouver 2: 855 Davie Street, Vancouver. Phone: 604.428.8080

Duffin’s Donuts: They have great donuts and are open 24/7.
1391 East 41st Avenue, Vancouver

Waves Coffee House:
There are multiple locations of Waves coffee house and most of them are open till midnight.