Building Student Community like a T-Rex on Campus


Have you always wanted to know what SACC stands for? Who are those students who plan fun parties and sales all the time at the College? Now’s your chance to finally get the scoop on these students and what goes on at the college through SACC! This month, Student Life Coordinator Jerica sat down with Jonathan, president of SACC, to find out more about Columbia College’s arguably most popular student group.

Jerica Y: What is the SACC?

Jonathan C: The SACC stands for Student Association of Columbia College.

JY: What is the SACC’s goal? Why does it exist?

JC: SACC has a couple of goals. First, we plan to be the voice of students of Columbia College. Second, we plan to create a community in the College through events, which allows new students to feel welcomed and to feel comfortable in college and in Canada. And third, we plan to spread awareness of social issues that students at Columbia College ought to know about.

JY: What events have you run so far?

JC: We have held a multitude of events from fruit sales to an ice cream sale, and to an end of the semester party. Our most recent event held was our freshie’s party, which was to mainly target new students attending Columbia College.

JY: What future events do you hope to run?

JC: Hopefully we will be able to run as many and as creative events as we can possible. In the foreseeable future, we plan to have a talent show and an art gallery to showcase our students’ amazing hidden talents.

JY: I heard this semester is your last semester as the president. What made you decide this and any advice for the new president?

JC: Yes, that is true. To give a little back story, I have been running SACC as president since the middle of winter semester 2018 for almost two semesters. I think it is time for others to step up to lead and steer the ship that is SACC. I did not want to leave till I knew the club will be in good hands, and thankfully it will be.

There are only two pieces of advice that I will give not only to the next president, but to all students. First, take one step at a time. Life’s a marathon, not a sprint. Secondly, good luck!

JY: If SACC had a spirit animal, what would it be and why?

JC: I would say SACC’s spirit animal is a T-Rex, the king.