COVID 19: Columbia College Supports for Student Success

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Columbia College mobilizes over $1 Million to Support Student SuccessCOVID-19 Response 

A huge thank you to the entire community at Columbia College – instructors, students, and all the support staff – who made it possible to complete the Winter semester of studies through the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This would not have been possible without the commitment to student success, and collaboration, that are so deeply entrenched in the culture and 80-year history of the College.  

Unfortunately, it’s not over yet. The ultimate length and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is unknown. It is important to everyone at the College that our commitment to the College mission remains steadfast: to offer students a platform, and access, to pursue higher education.  

To provide ongoing supports to international students, including newcomers and refugees to Canada, the College has mobilized over one million dollars in support and emergency funding. This unprecedented investment in support will ensure that aspiring students from around the world can continue to build their academic careers through the COVID-19 pandemic in the coming months.  

This support is being made available to students in the following programs:  

  1. Laptop Assistance Program (LAP):  students of the College are being provided with funds to get the technology they require to participate effectively in online education through the pandemic. 
  2. No College Activity Fees: Columbia College will continue to provide activities, coordination, and supports to everyone in the College community at no cost to students. 
  3. Tuition Discount: Discounted tuition for student who have long term aspirations to continue their education in the fall, and who qualify for the Advanced Payment Incentive program 
  4. Student Emergency Support Program (SESP)Emergency funding for students that do not qualify for financial aid from the government that can be used towards general living costs, food, books, etc. 

In addition to these direct funds for students, the College has implemented a tuition freeze, effective immediately, as well as a Tuition Instalment Plan allowing flexible payment options for students enrolled at the College.  

With the ongoing pandemic the College is prepared to deliver the entire summer semester online and anticipates that remote access to classes may be required into the fall of 2020. To ensure the greatest opportunity for successful studies in all our program areas, our Students Services Team has developed the StudOnline Program (SOP). This program includes a suite of online tutorials covering a diverse range of topics such as maintaining physical and mental health, evaluating information online, and understanding educational technology.  

These supports, in addition to the ongoing one on one service from counsellors and the Student Services team, are freely available to College students.  

If you are a student looking for further information, please click here 

If you are an individual, organization, or company looking for opportunities to partner with Columbia College to support students please contact Mark Friesen, Executive Director, at: [email protected]