Columbia College Student Elections 2019: Candidate Platform Summaries

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Position and Platform

Alysia Jawani




Position: Public Outreach Committee Member

As member of the Public Outreach Committee, my goal is to ensure all students at the college have equal opportunities and an amazing time during their study period in Columbia College. I have been part of the CCSA (previously known as the SACC) for the past two semesters. I was the treasurer in my high school’s MUN club back in Kenya and have experience with dealing with tough situations. I am currently the treasurer of CCSA at Columbia college. Working in retail has also taught me organization skills and how to work as a team.

Amandeep Singh

Position: Student Advocacy Committee Member

My name is Amandeep Singh and this is my 6th semester here. I’m majoring in Political Science. Currently I am the Vice President of the Columbia College Student Association, team leader of International Insurance, and a member of the Clean Club at our college. I also participated in various volunteering activities on campus and off campus e.g. volunteer with City of Vancouver and also Nominate for Volunteering with Vancouver Police Department. I am running for the Student Advocacy committee. This committee with take care of students’ rights on/off campus. If students have any problems on/off campus, the Student Advocacy Committee will help you. GIVE ME A CHANCE TO HELP YOU AND YOUR RIGHTS.  I have been here for a long time and know where and when you can get help from, who is the right person to talk to, etc. I assure you that all voices will reach out to the administration office. Brand new students face many difficulties among all of us, and we will help them as well. Any kind of social problem, conflicts with owners, etc. I am doing social work at the moment. That gives my happiness and I want to help people as much as I can. This is a new place and we have RIGHTS. Some of us do not know about them. I would love to tell you how we can use our rights in a new country and a new college. THE PLACE IS DIFFERENT BUT THE RIGHTS ARE THE SAME!

Brennan Morse

Position: Student Advocacy Committee Member

I want to run to be part of the Student Advocacy Committee to be able to help other students who may not feel confident to speak up about an injustice on their own. I am very interested in politics and pursuing various progressive causes. In my role, I hope to help make Columbia College a positive space for everyone and that includes making sure students are aware of their rights and that they have a voice and are supported if they’re being mistreated by staff, other students, or anyone else. I hope to work together with the Student Association as well as with the student body to accomplish these goals.

Heaven Thind

Position: Health and Wellness Committee Member

My name is Heaven Thind and this is my second semester in Columbia College. I have always wanted to be a part of the events and activities on campus. In high school I’ve actively participated in sports and other co-curricular activities. As co-chair of the Health and Wellness Committee, I would like to help and guide students about the importance of health and wellness. As I have observed majority of the students are international students coming from different parts of the world. It may be difficult for everyone to adjust in a new environment without the guidance of their parents. With a busy schedule of work and studies, students often neglect taking care of their health. Staying fit physically as well as mentally is of great importance for students as they have to study (and even work)! Students experience a lot of stress due to their studies and from homesickness. If I get this opportunity, I’d like to help students cope with all the difficulties they face by arranging events and activities that would be beneficial for them, such as healthy lifestyles and stress coping activities. I would also like to motivate students to be a part of the sports activities as they are the best way for a person to stay healthy. I am hardworking and a patient listener. I’m looking forward to being a part of the Health and Wellness Committee so that I am able to bring something new to the table in order to help and guide students.


Position: Student Advocacy Committee Member

Hello! My name is Kamaljit. I am running for a position in the Student Advocacy Committee. I have been volunteering in various clubs, orientations for new students, and graduation ceremonies. I am passionate about improving and expanding the facilities and opportunities offered to students of Columbia College. I want to see some changes in key areas. Firstly, We need a change in the policy of Semester Break. Why can we not have a semester break when other colleges are providing this? The reason is: We need change. Many students are suffering from this lack of a semester break in a variety of ways, from depression to death. Secondly, We will not accept a high increase in our fees. The reason being that we are already paying big amounts. I will endeavor to fight for these issues, but it is only going to happen if you will come with me. Vote to CHANGE!

Mahak Sharma

Position: Events and Promotion Committee Member

Hello! My name is Mahak Sharma and I am currently doing the university transfer program for Biochemistry at Columbia College. Being a part of the Student Association of Columbia College (SACC) club last semester and for two months this current semester I picked up a lot of tips on event planning. Volunteering at most of the SACC club events and school events made me realise how much effort goes into event planning and I have been intrigued by it ever since. Life at college should be less stressful and more enjoyable since these are the moments that we are going to remember for the rest of our lives. I want to take all of your ideas into consideration and help you bring them to life because I want every student to participate and feel like part of this college as much as any other student does. So help me, help you bring to life what your idea of a fun event is.

Juliet Nnadi

Position: Events and Promotion Committee Member

 Hello! My name is Juliet Nnadi. I am currently doing the Associate of Science degree at Columbia College. I am an active member of the CCSA club and have been volunteering at all past events, including Spirit Week. I have helped in organizing all the events held by the CCSA club which has given me good experience in event planning and I believe I’m getting the hang of it.  I want to make the college a more fun place by trying my best to get every student to participate in extra curricular activities and bringing all of your ideas together to create an event that will be enjoyed by most if not all. Vote for me for a less stressful time at school!

Ogonna Nesochukwu Nwasike

Position: Students Advocacy Committee Member

My name is Ogonna Nesochukwu Nwasike and I am running for co-chair of the Students Advocacy Committee of the Columbia College Student Association. As co-chair of the Students Advocacy Committee, I will be the approachable welcoming face for new students coming in and a defender for students already here.

I am open and friendly as well as dedicated and hardworking. I would like to use these tools to make a significant difference in the student body experience - YOUR experience. Currently in my third semester of my Computer Science Programme, I have been an active contributor to school affairs, concentrating mostly in events that make my fellow students feel comfortable in school.

I have ample experience in working with school staff through my role as secretary of the current CCSA as well as Secretary and Vice President of the Entrepreneur Club.

I will bring to the attention of the school administration, all concerns, suggestions, likes and dislikes of all students. I have never been afraid to stand up to injustice and as co-chair of the Students Advocacy Committee, I will do all in my vested power to amplify the voice of each and every one of you.

I am #YourVoice.

Reva Handa

Position: Events and Promotion Committee Member

I am Reva Handa, currently pursuing Associates of Business. It’s my first semester here so I’m not sure if I have done something noticeable for the college except volunteering for the Mental Health Week. I’m running for a position in the Events and Promotion Committee. I have initially worked with United Nations regarding social, economical and political issues around the globe. Working with the UN and its different bodies has taught me how it’s important to address certain issues and thus organizing events for the same is what makes it easier to create awareness and engage people. I have been organizing a few events in the past 3 years and I believe I can be good at doing that for Columbia College too. As a member of the Columbia College Student Association I would like to be the point of contact for all the students who have ideas and creative minds or who may want to put a message across but are not able to. I would want to work with as many students as we have on campus and make the college experience a lot more than the academic knowledge everyone gets here. As an elected co-chair of the Events and Promotion Committee I would want to have more and more people on board for different events that cater to all the cultures we have in Columbia College. The only thing I can promise to everyone right now is that I’d be approachable and will always value their opinions.

Kaur Rosepreet (Rose)

Position: Health and Wellness Committee Member

My name is Kaur Rosepreet (Rose) and this is my first semester in Columbia College. Currently I’m pursuing an Associate of General Science. As a co-chair of the Health and Wellness Committee, I promise you a healthy and cheerful experience in the coming two semesters. I have always been enthusiastic to help people concerning their health issues. I am a committed, passionate and responsible team-worker. Hence, I look forward at holding several events as the co-chair of the Health and Wellness Committee in the upcoming two semesters. Since it is inefficient to get health advice off campus, help me make available professional advice on campus.

Rupinder Kaur

Position: Health and Wellness Committee Member

My name is Rupinder Kaur. I want to be part of the Student Association’s Health and Wellness Committee because I know how not feeling well feels like. I have an understanding of anxiety and depression and how it impacts people. I think we all need to pay a lot of attention to the health and wellness of our bodies as well as the mind. People never know when they are going through any psychological change. In this club we can together talk about anxiety, depression, vulnerable feelings that individuals go through and are never able to identify. We can together share our feelings and thoughts in a space where no one can judge you, where you can just be “you”. We can also talk about our bodies in terms of healthy eating and exercise. We will be organizing events where we will be practicing social psychology, like understanding people and their minds. We can have our own “laughter club”. Practicing laughter can make you actually laugh. I want to organize some healthy eating events too. We can discuss stress related problems whether it’s personal or related to studies. We all can work together making one wonderful club and do good for other students too by organizing some exercises that relieve stress. Please vote for me if you want more laughter and less stress.

Thank you.

Salma Ramadhan

Position: Public Outreach Committee Member

Being in the Public Outreach Committee will give me a chance to make volunteering more exciting and inviting to students. Throughout the semesters that I have been in Columbia College, I managed to create a strong connection with the school, teachers and most importantly the students by immersing myself in extracurricular activities such as Health & Wellness and Orientation. Through this, I was able to learn valuable skills including patience, resilience and team spirit that I hope to pass on to my fellow students as I train them to be good at the various volunteering activities. As a previous member of Columbia college Student Association, I hope to make every student included in campus activities as this plays a big role in their social wellbeing . Besides, my hard work and dedication speaks for itself. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME.