Columbia College Student Elections Summer 2019: Candidate Platform Summaries

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Position and Platform

Akashdeep Singh Sandhu




Position: Public Outreach Committee Executive Member

Hello Everyone,
My name is Akashdeep Singh, you can also call me Akay! I hail from Punjab, India. I am in my 4th semester and currently enrolled in University Transfer Program at Columbia College. I am also the co-leader of Indian Cultural Club, the most popular club at Columbia College. Our club organizes different events and also work for the welfare of the students. As an integral part of ICC and its’ events, I have incorporated the skills of an event planner, host and an organizer. My duties are to train and execute the working of volunteers. I am running for Public Outreach Committee because I think I could use my skills towards making Columbia College a better place. I am dedicated to help all the clubs running at Columbia College, help serving their individual needs and help bringing them on a common platform to promote unity. I am also dedicated to work to make better arrangements for the new students and the students who are graduating by improving hosting services at Columbia College. I am flexible and open to all new ideas and would be working at best of my ability. At the end, my expertise should be used at fullest and I would love to serve the students of Columbia College.

Ally Chai

Position: Events and Promotion Committee Executive Member

I’ve decided to run for Events and Promotion because I strongly believe that students should not only come to school to study, but to enjoy different events with their friends, and could help release stress from exams and crazy tests. I have planned my high school prom without the school’s financial support and is currently in the student association’s events and promotion which have given me experience in this field. If elected, I plan to help promote the college’s clubs in promoting their activities and interest to the students on campus, such as having different events collaborating with these clubs and have different events for every student on campus to enjoy. I want to make the campus a place where all students, can create and share, memories and moments with each other on campus.

Amanjot Kaur

Position: Health and Wellness Committee Executive Member

My name is Amanjot Kaur and I am from India. This is my third semester at Columbia college and I am taking university transfer science here. I am interested in running for elections for the Health and Wellness committee.  As a science student I am really interested in mental and physical health and being an international student, I have seen that majority of international students here suffer from a lot of health problems especially mentally. So I want to a part of this committee so that I can do something to help students to reduce their stress and share my idea with them to make this college a healthy place.

Heaven Thind

Position: Student Advocacy Committee Executive Member

My name is Heaven Thind and this is my third semester in Columbia College. I am pursuing an Associate Degree of Arts in Criminology. Here, in Columbia College I’ve seen a number of activities and events taking place and I have always wondered how to be a part of it. So last semester I decided to run in the CCSA Election for Health and Wellness Committee and secured a place in it. Working in the CCSA gave me opportunities to be a part of a lot of events and activities. Working closely with other committees gave me a better understanding at what things I am good at. I got to understand Student Advocacy Committee is a place where I could give my best in.As a co-chair of Student Advocacy Committee I assure that this committee would work in order to take care of students’ rights and give them an opportunity to openly come up with their problems and the committee will give its best to help them. I am looking forward to being a part of the Student Advocacy Committee so that I am able to bring something new to the table in order to help and guide students.

Jaspreet Kaur

Position: Public Outreach Committee Executive Member

Hello, I’m Jaspreet and I’m from Kenya. This is my second semester in Columbia college and I am looking forward to attaining a position in the public outreach committee. The right opportunities can help you find new friends, connect with the community and even advance your career. Being a new member of the public outreach committee, my aim is to ensure students on campus are exposed to several opportunities. In fact, I have also volunteered a couple of times in college and I am a member of the new “Empower HER“ club. In addition, I have experienced hospital scenarios working as a voluntary intern in Kenya. Being employed as a sales associate has improved my socializing skills and has helped me learn about the different cultures in this country. I will take part in developing resources to foster the well-being of students in learning environments. These resources include in-class activities, learning practices, content to share with students and much more!  #voteforme

Thank You.

Lovepreet Khehra

Position: Student Advocacy Committee Executive Member

Hello! My name is Lovepreet Singh Khehra. I am running for a position in the student advocacy committee. I have been volunteering in various clubs and from talking to students, I have experienced that many of us want a semester break as other colleges and universities allow students to take semester break. Apart from the semester break, it’s difficult for many students to pay for a compass card every month. As of right now tuition fees have increased, whoever is taking the classes in the next semester is going to pay fees more than the previous semester. If we have to pay fees for every course that are more than last semester then why are we not getting the U-pass? There should be approval of the U-pass for Columbia College Students. There are so many others issues still unsolved. If you agree, then please come forward with me, I will be your voice, and we will make changes: unity and your voice matters.

Maheen Dada

Position: Health and Wellness Committee Executive Member

I feel that I’m the right candidate for this position in order to take this club to a next level. With my current involvement in the entrepreneur club as well, I have managed to create networks within the school to promote more awareness. With my past involvement in tennis at a professional level, I have a lot of knowledge and interest in the field of nutrition in order to progress this committee and give it new light and perspective. 

Manpreet Singh

Position: Events and Promotion Committee Executive Member

I am running for events and promotions committee because I have keen interest in event organizing and event managing. And to further enhance my leadership, event organizing and managing skills running for this committee is by far the best opportunity for me. I have been a part of this committee for this past semester and being part of this committee, I have helped in organizing and carrying out many events throughout the semester. In last winter semester I organized a soccer tournament in the college which was the first ever time in the college. I am managing the college’s soccer team right now as well for inter college soccer tournament. As far as new initiatives are concerned, I would like to organize the events in such a manner that the student body which comprises students from many different ethnicities can come together and enjoy those festivals/events as one. I have many unique and creative for event ideas which I would like to try when I have the opportunity.

Mansehaj Kaur Sandhu

Position: Student Advocacy Committee Executive Member

Hello, my name is Mansehaj Kaur Sandhu and I am pursuing the Associate of General Science course here at Columbia College! I want to share with you that I am running for the position of a Chairperson in the Student Advocacy Committee. I firmly believe that student rights are integral to the success of students in their college- be it in academics, extra-curricular activities or even our social lives. As a member of the Student Advocacy Committee, I promise to take a pro-active approach and to do everything in my power to make sure that every one of us can exercise our rights and be part of an atmosphere that encourages our collective growth. More importantly, I have chosen to run for this position because, in my opinion, I can prove to be a competent medium for students to have their voices heard and hence, come up with solutions to problems faced by the students. I assure you that I will fulfill my role as a committee member with complete honesty, transparency, and conscientiousness. Moreover, you can be confident that my interchange with all students as Chairperson shall be nonjudgmental and would not be biased in any possible way. I would do so as it would not only be my responsibility but also because I am an admirer of the rich diversity and culture that one experiences every day at our college. I sincerely wish to do my bit towards enriching student life at Columbia College- for you, for all of us. Do vote.

Riya Patel

Position:  Committee Executive Member


Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you. In other words, I want you to get involved. My name is Riya Patel I am currently doing the university transfer program in business in Columbia college as this is my first semester. Being a part of Public outreach committee, my purpose is establishing an exciting and friendly environment during your study in college. In Columbia College, I am currently part of the “Entrepreneurial club” and the new club “Empower her”. Back at home in Kenya, I was a committee member of the environmental club and learnt skills to be patient, approachable, how to handle tough decisions and participating in activities. I hope to make all students involved in activities and provide a better learning environment. Please vote for me.

Thank you.

Suraj Raj

Position: Student Advocacy Committee Executive Member

My name is Suraj Raj and I am running for the Student Advocacy committee. Why? I believe it is the best way to increase satisfaction from the student’s perspective. I am not afraid to voice concerns and speak my mind when it is needed. While it is only my first semester at Columbia College, I still have a lot of experience with leadership. In my previous school in Uganda, I was the deputy head boy, whose main responsibility was to take student concerns to higher authorities. This gave me the valuable experience required for this position, as it’s main purpose is to listen to students’ concern and to make sure their voice is heard. I also was treasurer for the habitat for humanity, which gave me valuable skills in time management and organisation. Therefore, I’ll be sure I set the time required to focus on the responsibilities of the position. However, while I am new to the college, I have taken part in meetings for the events and promotions committee, volunteering for sales and learning how meetings should be overlooked by the leaders of the committee. My goal is simple: You speak, and I’ll deliver. I will address the biggest concerns people have about student life around the college to the best of my abilities, because as a student myself, it is important to have a well rounded, happy college life.

Uday Sidhu


Position: Student Advocacy Committee Executive Member

Hello Everyone,
My name is Uday Partap Singh Sidhu. I hail from the beautiful state of five rivers-Punjab, India. I am going to step in my last semester and currently enrolled in University Transfer Program at Columbia College. I am also the leader of The Indian Cultural Club, the most popular club at Columbia College. I started the club with a motto to help students at Columbia College. We have organized significant number of events for the students. Welfare being the motto, I am running for Student Advocacy Committee, which is the unified voice of all students of Columbia College. Being the leader of ICC, I am already working in coordination with Student Advocacy committee to help CC students to get U-PASS. I would be raising voice for the semester break so that students can take summer off and work full time. I would also be raising significant issues regarding discrimination against students. I would be working to bring more transparency to the students of Columbia College, making them aware about their rights and executing my power to protect their rights. I am dedicated to work at the best of my ability in order to make Columbia College, a better place for everyone. At the end, I would be honored to serve my fellow Columbians.