Main Campus CCSA Elections for Fall 2019: Candidate Platform Summaries


The end of the semester is near, which means it’s time to vote for next year’s CCSA representatives! We have four elected committee positions and 25 students running. Scroll down for their individual campaign summaries!

Here are your candidates for the this semester’s CCSA elections:

Events and Promotions Committee
Akashdeep Singh Sandhu
Ally Chai
Manpreet Singh
Navjot Singh
Reva Handa
Roshni Verma
Rupinder Kaur

Public Outreach Committee
Amninder Singh
Angela Clarissa Charvensym
Gurnoor Singh Gondara
Jaspreet Kaur
Jugraj Gill
Riya Patel
Rosepreet Kaur
Sahil Chavda

Health and Wellness Committee
Charmaine Felicia
Kabir Malik
Romi Khan

Student Advocacy Committee
Charvie Yadav
Gurwinder Singh Dohla
Heaven Thind
Mansehaj Kaur Sandhu
Mohit Dhawan
Sukhjinder Singh Kahlon


Campaign Summaries


Akashdeep Singh Sandhu – Position: Events and Promotions Committee

My name is Akashdeep Singh, you can also call me Akay! I hail from Punjab, India. I am in my 5th semester and currently enrolled in University Transfer Program at Columbia College. I am also the co-leader of Indian Cultural Club, the most popular club at Columbia College. Our club organizes different events and also work for the welfare of the students. As an integral part of ICC and its’ events, I have incorporated the skills of an event planner, host and an organizer. My duties are to train and execute the working of volunteers. I am running for Events and Planning Committee because I think I could use my skills towards making Columbia College a better place. I am dedicated to help all the clubs running at Columbia College, organize best events and continue to help serving their individual needs and help bringing them on a common platform to promote unity. I am also dedicated to work to make better arrangements for the new students and the students who are graduating by improving hosting services at Columbia College. I am flexible and open to all new ideas and would be working at best of my ability. At the end, my expertise should be used at fullest and I would love to serve the students of Columbia College.

Ally Chai – Position: Events and Promotions Committee

My name’s Ally and I have decided to run for Co-Chair in Events and Promotions in hopes that I can continue my passion in event planning, management, and just hoping to host small events that can make students life in Columbia College memorable and enjoyable. As a previous Co- Chair of events and promotions, I have experience in this field, helping out in events such as the Freshies party, and the Formal Gala! I have also volunteered outside and inside of school. I would love to plan more events for the students here, and let the students have an opportunity to have events they want by helping out as much as I can.  I hope to continue to grow and learn in this position further and hope you guys give me that opportunity.  

Amninder Singh – Position: Public Outreach Committee

My name is Amninder Singh. I hail from the beautiful state of five rivers-Punjab, India. It is my first semester and currently enrolled in University Transfer Program at Columbia College. I am also the co-leader of The Indian Cultural Club, the most popular club at Columbia College. We started the club with a motto to help students at Columbia College. We have organized significant number of events for the students. Welfare being the motto, I am running for Public Outreach, in which I would work with volunteers to organize great events for all students of Columbia College. I am dedicated to work at the best of my ability in order to make Columbia College a better place for everyone. At the end, I would be honored to serve my fellow Columbians. I AM YOUR VOICE! MAKE A CHOICE! So, VOTE FOR ME! 

Angela Clarissa Charvensym – Position: Public Outreach Committee

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy. In other words, I really hope that you get involved. My name is Angela Clarissa, I am currently studying for Associate’s Degree in Business Administration at Columbia College and this is my first semester. Being a part of Public Outreach committee, my purpose here is to promote a more interesting and exciting college experience, especially for all of us as an international student. I am now working part time in one of restaurants in Vancouver to support my school funds and I am really interested to volunteer and participate in many college events. Back in Indonesia, I was the coordinator of the school student association for 2 consecutive periods, and I have ever organized many school events as the head of committee and other positions. From that experience I learned many skills such as leadership, team-working, and handling tough decisions. I hope with the experience and skills that I have, I can encourage all Columbia College students and staffs to involved in college activities and promote an enjoyable learning environment. Please vote for me! 

Charmaine Felicia – Position: Health and Wellness Committee

My name is Charmaine Felicia. This year is my first semester here at Columbia college. I am interested in running as a candidate for the Health and Wellness Committee. During my past few weeks here, I have joined the Events and promotions Committee as a volunteer. My goal is to raise awareness about health problems that can happen in the future, especially among college students like us, and to educate people in the college about their health and well-being. I am also interested in the upcoming events that will happen in Columbia College. My upcoming plan is to create a fantastic experience for current enrolled students and future students that will be enrolling in Columbia College. 

Charvie Yadav – Position: Student Advocacy Committee

As a member of student advocacy, I hope to make a difference in this school. Real talk translates to real change and advocacy has engrained this in my head. It allows me to be a listener and a voice for the students. My past experiences reflect this as I advocated for major organizations such as Save the Children and the British Council. My role as a teacher for both taught me valuable leadership skills. I built connections with both primary and secondary school children and staff that allowed me to understand the importance of multiple perspectives. How I may view an issue may be completely different from how another person may view it. The rigorous trainings provided to volunteer teachers, mass fundraising events and advocating for children’s rights around the city taught me that no matter what the job, I will work tirelessly until it is completed. 

Around college, I observe many things that can be improved for the student body such as inclusivity. I will raise my concerns over resources or information that lack amongst continuing students in college and provide support for international students, safety and rights. As an elected member of the CCSA, I want to maximize my role within the student advocacy team both on and off campus. However, after a lifetime of blunders, I know that nobody’s ideas, mine included, are perfect. Thus, I hope to be a listener and a voice of the students.

Gurnoor Singh Gondara – Position: Public Outreach Committee

Hi My name is Gurnoor Singh Gondara. I am from India. I like interacting with students and helping them. I want to help college in recruiting and training volunteers for events and give students the opportunities for off- campus volunteering . 

Gurwinder Singh Dohla – Position: Student Advocacy Committee