Top Five Places to Eat At Around Terminal Avenue

Selection of different rolled ice creams in cone cups, rustic wood background, copy space

By Student Blogger Ogonna Nwasike

Imagine this. The winter semester is off to a good start. You're starting to know where your classes are, the teachers are friendly, and you're making new friends and familiarizing yourself with the campus. Suddenly one day, you realize you've forgotten to pack your lunch. Never fear! We've got you covered with our awesome list of recommendations of where you can go if you're every hungry and needing the fuel for your brain and body! If you're on a tight budget, don't worry. We've also done our best to list the most affordable places to go for students. Check them out below!

  • Grills and Bars ($)
    A 15-minute trip from school (via public transit), you can stop at the El Furniture Hastings Warehouse Grill at 156 W Hastings Street to grab a ridiculously inexpensive lunch.

  • Fast Food and Coffee Shops ($)
    Within 8 minutes’ walk of the campus, you can easily find a Tim Hortons, Starbucks, A&W, and even McDonald's for quick snacks or early morning coffee.

  • Confectioneries ($$)
    If you’re a sweet tooth like myself, there are confectioneries and ice cream shops less than 10 minutes’ walk from school. Check out Beta5 Confectioneries on 413 Industrial Avenue for pastries and desserts as well as Earnest Ice Cream on 1829 Quebec Street for some ice cream… vegan ice cream!

  • Bistros ($$)
    If you’re just in the mood to relax in a small, calm eatery, check out To Dine For (333 Terminal Avenue) and Bibi’s Kitchen (right below the main campus at 418 Terminal Avenue!). The ambiance, great food options, and inexpensive menus at these bistros are enough to go there every day.
  • Food Trucks ($$$)
    From Asian-style snacks to American classics to refreshing drinks, there is almost always a convoy of food trucks parked on Terminal Avenue, directly opposite the Main Campus building and in front of the North Campus Building. They have inexpensive and delicious foods, snacks, and drinks! We recommend the Teapressu and Curb Your Appetite trucks!

Hopefully you get a chance to check out these food places during your time at Columbia College at least once! What are your favourite places to go eat?