North Campus Student Council Elections Fall 2019: Candidate Platform Summaries

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It is that time of the semester again to vote for your representatives in the Student Council! We have 6 elected positions and 16 students running. Scroll down for their individual campaign summaries!

Here are your candidates for the Fall 2019 Student Council Elections:

Yona Kasito
Kim Mangaron
Roman Abdul Aziz

Vice President
Asal (Nita) Sedighi
Deep Shah
Roman Abdul Aziz
Ali Helalinia

Tony Nguyen
Hani Tran
Roman Abdul Aziz
Ali Helalinia

Clarissa (Lala) Adrina
Hani Tran

Social Media Guru
Sabrina Prawirasoetisna
Ashley Hoang
Kathy Victoria
Charlene Sanjaya

ELC Representative
Elma Mohammdouh
Poom Phosawatmanee
Nesrin Ibrahim

Campaign Summaries


Ali Helalinia - Positions: Vice President; Treasurer

Ali was part of the Student Council since it was established in Fall 2018. He has extensive experience within the Student Council as well as other aspects of student life at CC such as the Orientation Team. Ali would like to do more for the Student Council in 2019-2020 as an elected member.

Ashley Hoang - Positions: Social Media Director

Ashley is a new Secondary student at CC. She showcased her video editing skills in creating a campaign video for Hani Tran's candidacy. If elected as Social Media Director, Ashley would like to help the Student Council gain more Instagram followers.

Charlene Sanjaya - Positions: Social Media Director

Charlene is a new Secondary student at CC. She has experience designing posters and editing videos. She is skilled in Adobe Photoshop as well as Canva.

Clarissa Adrina - Positions: Secretary

More details to come!

Deep Shah - Positions: Vice President

Deep is a new Secondary student at CC. In his previous school, he was a house captain for 2 years. In this past role, he has experience organizing events and competitions for other students.

Elma Mohammdouh - Positions: ELC Representative

More details to come!

Hani Tran - Positions: Treasurer; Secretary

Hani was involved in Student Council since its establishment in Fall 2018. Below is her campaign video.


Kathy Victoria - Positions: Social Media Director

Kathy is a new Secondary student at CC. She has extensive experience using Instagram. She is very knowledgeable about using Instagram stories to captivate her audience. She is also skilled in using Canva.

Kim Mangaron - Positions: President

According to Kim, she is addicted to the Student Council. She has been part of the Student Council since it was established in Fall 2018. In Fall 2018, she was elected as Secretary. In Winter 2019, she was elected as President and was re-elected again in Summer 2019. The Student Council is like a family. You have your friends, you have your family, and then you have the Student Council. Kim has a first-hand understanding of the dedication required to manage the Student Council. While it is one of the most fun parts of being a student at CC, she also acknowledges that it is commitment and hard work. However, no matter how challenging the process may be, she says that "the stress is worth it if it is for Student Council." If she is re-elected in Fall 2019, Kim would like to make Student Council great again.

Nesrin Ibrahim - Positions: ELC Representative

More details to come!

Nita Sedighi - Positions: Vice President

Nita first learned of Student Council during the End-of-Semester Party in Winter 2019. The following semester, she joined as one of the core leaders. With her experience from the previous semester, Nita would like to continue doing more as the Vice President.

Poom Phosawatmanee - Positions: ELC Representative

More details to come!

Roman Abdul Aziz - Positions: President; Vice President; Treasurer

Roman is a new Secondary student at CC. He is an active participant in campus activities and events. The main position he would like to achieve is Treasurer. As his father owned a retail shop, Roman gained skills in accounting by helping his father close accounts at the end of each workday. He would like to put his experience to good use in the Student Council.

Sabrina Prawirasoetisna - Positions: Social Media Director

Sabrina is a new Secondary student at CC. In her previous school, she was a house captain for one year. She is also skilled in using Instagram. For a project in her previous school, she created an Instagram page to promote a community she created to teach girls about non-toxic cosmetic products. 

Tony Nguyen - Positions: Treasurer

Tony has been part of the Student Council since it was established in Fall 2018. In the Summer 2019 semester, he was elected as one of the Student Council leaders. This time, he is running as Treasurer as he would like to continue contributing to the Student Council while learning something new.

Yona Kasito - Positions: President

Yona joined the Student Council halfway through the Summer 2019 semester. During that time, he helped to organize the End-of-Semester Party. Yona believes that he would make a great Student Council President because he would be honest and hardworking. He promises to provide constructive feedback to all members and manage the Student Council diligently.