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March Updates

Course Planning

Course planning for the summer semester has started. This is your chance to think about which courses you would like to take, and help you prepare for registration, which will take place in April.
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January Updates

March Graduation Ceremony

We are now accepting applications for the ONLY graduation ceremony in 2016. This ceremony is open to all students and this venue can seat up to 500 people! It is time to celebrate all your hard work. “Canva old photo”

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New Medical Insurance Procedure

It is mandatory for all students to have Medical Insurance with coverage of at least $1 million to be able to register for the next semester. If you don’t have MSP or your own private insurance, you can buy from Guard.Me, a new company that we are working with, following the instructions below<p class="text-right">Find out more ></p>

My memories of Columbia College

My name is Hang, and I am very happy to share with you my fond memories about Columbia College.  I had a great time when I was studying at Columbia College. This was a great place to start my education in Canada and I was happy from the start: I liked the small class sizes, and the teachers and<p class="text-right">Find out more ></p>

Living in Homestay

I've been a host family for 13 years for Columbia College. My family was privileged to meet students from different countries and we have enjoyed hosting all of them. We have shared our everyday life with them and have taught them the Canadian way of living; they try the food we eat, we take<p class="text-right">Find out more ></p>

My Academic Experience

The academic experience I had while studying abroad at Columbia College gave me a new perspective. I have gained the skill to study in another language as well as debate, write and express myself in a more western style.  Multicultural immersion is also an advantage<p class="text-right">Find out more ></p>