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My memories of Columbia College

My memories of Columbia College

My name is Hang, and I am very happy to share with you my fond memories about Columbia College.  I had a great time when I was studying at Columbia College. This was a great place to start my education in Canada and I was happy from the start: I liked the small class sizes, and the teachers and staff are very friendly and helpful. I think Columbia College understands the needs of international students, so they create ways to help students start a new chapter in Canada.

Hang NyugenTeachers are very enthusiastic about their subjects and are patient in teaching and helping new students, even though we always ask too many questions. Teachers here often encourage students to voice their opinions and ideas, and encourage us to work with other students. More importantly, our activity coordinator, Ben, usually organizes a lot of outdoor activities for students so that we can discover new places in Vancouver. He encourages students to join clubs and to volunteer within community, so that we can meet new people.

Columbia College is small, so it’s easy to get to know one another and to care for each other. Those are the things I don’t see at my university.  The school is massive, the classes are huge, and there are thousands of student. I do miss my days at Columbia where I got to meet friendly and lovely people. 

Hang Nguyen, from Vietnam