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Campus Map

campus map

Service Room Number Description
Library 230 The Library provides learning and research support to students at different levels of language ability and academic preparedness. Visit our library website for details on the collection and services offered.
Reception Area 255 For general information enquiries please visit the Reception Area on the second floor.
Bookstore 227 Everything students need for their academic work is conveniently located in the Bookstore.
Lost and Found 227 Enquire about lost and found items at the Bookstore.
Information Technology 218 IT Services can be reached by email at or in person in Room 218, in the Student Services area. They are available Monday to Friday from 9 to 5pm.
Student Services 211 Student Services help students with the various aspects of college life. There is also resource material available that contains a selection of university and college calendars and information on university transfer and career planning.
Homestay 265 The Homestay Coordinator is available Monday to Friday from 9 to 5pm.
First-Aid Room and Nurse 223 The College Nurse is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. She is available to see students on a part-time and regular drop-in basis to provide treatment for minor ailments free of charge.
ESL Dean’s Office 258

The Dean of the English Language Centre can be reached by email at for all your ESL enquires. You can also come and visit her in room 258 in the Admissions area anytime during office hours.

Tutorial Centre 222 Experienced and qualified Economics, Math and English tutors are available in our Tutorial Centre for students in all subjects. 
Student Lounges



The College has two large student lounges, one of which is designated the College’s “social lounge” and is equipped with full-service vending machines and microwave ovens, as well as recreation amenities, including table tennis and billiards.
Computer Centre



The Computer Lab on the 4th floor, Room 420, provides technical services to students registered in Computer Science courses.

The Computer Lab on the 3rd floor, Room 340, is used primarily by the ELCD.



All labs are on the 4th floor 
Biology Lab Room 434
Chemistry Lab Room 430
Physics Lab Room 440