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Information Technology

Columbia College Wireless Internet Access Instructions

  1. Following are the minimum requirements to access the wireless network:
    • Device that supports WIFI connection. (Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, etc.)
    • Columbia College student/user account
  2. Connect to "columbiacollege" wireless network with your device.
  3. Launch your internet browser (Internet explorer, Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari, Opera, etc.) and the Columbia College login screen should load up.  Enter your user name and password. Upon successful login, you will be able to access the internet.

Columbia College Computer Usage Guidelines

You must abide with the computer usage guidelines to use the college internet access.

  • Use only your designated account when logging in.
  • Log out after each use.  This prevents other students from accessing your account.
  • As a common courtesy to fellow students, log out if the previous user has forgotten.  You would appreciate this if you had forgotten.
  • Drop-in use is available when there are no classes in session.  Hours may be posted on the door of the computer centre every semester.
  • Keep the workstation clean by removing scrap papers, eraser/pencil shavings and personal items.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed near a computer workstation.
  • Respect the rights of other users – no computer/online games or speaking loudly in the computer labs . Internet use including E-mail is limited to 15 minutes when there are other students waiting for their turn to use the computer.
  • Respect the integrity of the Computing System – do not delete/modify files and software components.
  • Respect the legal protection provided by copyright and license.
  • Report any problems immediately to the Computer Support technicians or instructor.
  • Students may use their College Account for College related activities only. The account must NOT be used for music or video files.
  • Abuse of the computing system will result in suspension of your account.  In addition, the College may also deny you registration in any future courses.

About Your Account

  1. You are solely responsible for your own account.  If you forget to log out, someone else will be able to access your account. You will be held accountable for any infractions that may occur if you allow your account to be used by someone else. DO NOT SHARE ACCOUNTS.
  2. Important files should always be backed-up.
  3. At the end of each semester (during final exam week), all current accounts will be deleted including your files on the computer.        
  4.  Student computer accounts are not private accounts.  The College reserves the right to view the contents of student accounts without notifying the student.

How to log in

  1. User name: Student I.D.
  2. Default password: cc!MMDDYY
    e.g. cc!030584 if date of birth is March 5th 1984

Students are encouraged to change the password upon logging on to their student portal.

How to get an Account

All students who are registered at Columbia College are automatically created an account.

Computer Centres

At Columbia College there are six main facilities for student use:

Main Campus

  • 36 workstations on 4th floor computer science lab
  • 36 workstations on 4th floor public computer lab
  • 32 workstations on 3rd floor computer lab
  • 4 Mac workstations on 3rd floor
  • 29 workstations on 2nd floor by student services
  • 28 workstatons in the library
  • 12 workstations in physics lab

North Campus

  • 30 workstations in computer lab
  • 4 workstations in ELC lounge
  • 6 workstations secondary lounge

The Computer Lab on the 4th floor provides technical services to students registered in Computer Science courses. With license from Microsoft Alliance, the Lab contains Microsoft products such as Windows 7, Office 2013 and Visual Studios  

The Computer Lab on the 3th floor is primarily used by the students word processing and Internet research. This computer lab is open to all when not booked by instructors.

The Computer Lab on the North Campus is used primarily by the ELCD (listening, exercises in grammar, reading and writing, and practice tests) and as well word processing and Internet research.

The Labs are open 8am – 6pm on most days. All registered students are given an account and must follow a set protocol to maintain their privileges. Students would typically use their accounts for portal access, email, Internet searches and homework assignments. In the Library, students have access to databases such as electronic journals, online newspapers and electronic books.  All students have access to final grades online in their student portal.

How to Obtain a Print Card

To print at the college, students must refill their student ID card or purchase a print card from the college’s library. 

Print outs cost $0.15 per page.

Equipments: Printers, Scanners and Photocopiers

There are ten printers for students to use to print out their documents: Students may use the printer in the computer labs, the library, tutorial centre and 3rd floor student lounge. 

Your student ID card will function as the print card. As well, a separate print card can be purchased to print.

A scanner is available for use in the tutorial centre. 

A photocopier is available for use in the library.