Travel & Self-Isolation Plan

Columbia College’s Travel & Self-Isolation Plan is for all new and returning international students who are currently outside of Canada and planning to travel to Canada to start their semester.

Columbia College is an approved designated learning institution (DLI) and is now able to reopen to international students who aren’t currently in Canada and who have, or have been approved for, a study permit, and are travelling to Canada for a non-discretionary or non-optional purposeStudents must have a quarantine plan and be prepared for a 14 day self-isolation upon arrival in Canada.

Self-isolation is mandatory and it is a very serious matter. Police may enforce self-isolation orders and violations are punishable by a fine of up to $750,000 and/or imprisonment for 6 months and/or becoming inadmissible to Canada.

Please review the following for most updated information and instructions:

Travel Restrictions – Government of Canada
Mandatory Quarantine – Government of Canada
How to isolate at home – Government of Canada
Self-Isolation Plan – Government of British Columbia

Students that are planning on traveling to Canada and are eligible, must submit the College’s Travel & Self-Isolation Plan form.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Can I travel to Canada?

Due to ever changing conditions, it is important to keep yourself updated on the federal and provincial government’s travel regulations, restrictions and exemptions. 

Current travel restrictions may prevent you from being able to travel to Canada until further notice. To be able to enter Canada as a student, you must meet 2 requirements:

NOTE: Even if you meet all the conditions above, entry into Canada will be at the discretion of a Canada Border Services Agent (CBSA).

International students who are able to enter Canada must satisfy both a 14-day quarantine requirement mandated by the federal government in addition to submitting a BC Self-Isolation Plan as required by the provincial government.

Step 2: Preparing your 14-day self-isolation plan

Following the BC Self-Isolation Plan, you must:

• Provide the location of your 14-day self-isolation
• Provide information on how you will travel to your self-isolation location
• Arrange the necessary supports:
  ◦ Food
  ◦ Medications
  ◦ Cleaning supplies
  ◦ Child-care (if applicable)
  ◦ Pet care (if applicable)
• Social or family support

If you meet the requirements to travel to Canada, you must:

• Notify your Student Advisor of your intention to travel to Canada and fill out the Travel & Self-Isolation Plan form.
• Your advisor will contact you to confirm your travel itinerary and review your 14-day self-isolation plan

Step 3: Arranging your accommodation

Your quarantine plan requires you to have a place for a 14- day self-isolation. 


Columbia College highly recommends students to stay with one of our Homestay families for the 14-day self-isolation.  If you wish to apply for Homestay, please email [email protected]

Homestay pricing:

For underage students that don’t need 3 day hotel quarantine:
with private bathroom: $1000 for 14-days
with shared bathroom: $800 for 14-days

For students who need to quarantine at a government hotel for 3 days and will quarantine 11 days at our homestay:
with private bathroom $800 for 11-days
with shared bathroom $600 for 11-days

*Additional nights in the homestay (after the 14-day quarantine period) prior to September 1, 2020 will be paid to the host directly by the student with the nightly fee of $40 per night.

You can learn about the Quarantine Plan for students in Homestay here, under session 22.


Ramada by Wyndham Langley/Surrey 
19225 Highway 10 (56th Avenue)
Surrey BC V3S 8V9
Phone: 604-576-8388
Reservations: 1-888-576-8388
Rate: $99 per night + taxes

YWCA Hotel
733 Beatty Street
Vancouver BC V6B 2M4
Phone: 604-895-5830
Reservations: 604-895-5830 or [email protected]
Rate: $75 per night + taxes

Best Western Plus Langley Inn
5978 Glover Road, Langley
Phone: 604-530-9311
Reservations: 1-800-780-7234
Rate: $94 per night + taxes

Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Langley
20250 Logan Avenue, Langley
Phone: 604-539-0100
Reservations: 1-833-441-1293
Rate: $79 per night + taxes (complimentary breakfast included)

Sandman Hotel & Suites Abbotsford
32720 Simon Avenue, Abbotsford
Phone: 604-556-7263
Reservations: 1-800-726-3626
Rate: $99 per night + taxes
Full kitchen (no oven), washer & dryer, double rooms

Please note that you can only leave your room for a medical emergency and all students will be placed on the same floor. No visitors, food delivery will be dropped outside of each students room and regular calls will be made to room to ensure rules are being followed.

Step 4: Transportation to your self-isolation accommodation

Upon arrival in Vancouver, you must travel straight to your Vancouver self-isolation accommodation from the airport.

Please note that the current measures require that face coverings be worn at all times while in the public areas of the terminal.

All students who will be studying at Columbia College can arrange for airport pick up from our partnered transportation company, Amigo International Student Services in the amount of $100. Once payment is made, the College will then prepare the necessary Travel Letter needed to enter Canada.  

Students who have arranged pick up through Amigo will receive Arrival Information prior to departing their country explaining where to meet Amigo when arriving in Vancouver.

Phone: +(604) 767-8650
Email: a[email protected]

Very important:  Please DO NOT leave the airport with anyone other than Amigo. Wait at the designated area specified on the Arrival Information sheet, they will be there soon. We appreciate your patience. If you miss your connecting flight, or are in immigration for an extended period of time, you MUST call, email or WhatsApp Amigo to let them know at +1-604-537-8303.  All airports provide free internet service allowing usage of WhatsApp at no charge.  Amigo will wait 3 hours after your flight has arrived and will leave if you do not notify them you have either missed your flight or are delayed. 

Students can also pre-book an Uber or have a personal family member pick them up. If the student chooses one of these alternate transportation methods, they MUST advise Columbia College the booking details (eg. Time, Date) before leaving their home country. When leaving the airport, the student must proceed directly to their quarantine location.

Step 5: Food delivery and other necessities

Travellers to Canada who are in quarantine may not go out to purchase food and basic necessities. You should arrange for someone to deliver what you need while you are self-isolating.


Many grocery stores provide delivery. Please check with your nearby grocery store.

Food Delivery

Uber Eats

Step 6: Submitting the BC Self-Isolation Plan and completing the Federal ArriveCAN Application

BC Self-Isolation Plan

You must submit your provincial self-isolation plan.

Step 1: Go to Self-Quarantine on return to BC website
Step 2: Complete and submit this form

Federal ArriveCAN Application

In addition to the BC self-isolation plan, travellers to Canada are required to complete the federal ArriveCAN application for approval.

This tool is used to facilitate the collection of personal basic information, COVID symptoms and 14-day quarantine plan. They are used to help contain COVID-19 in Canada. Proof of submission is required at the border.

The following information is needed in order to complete the application:

• Flight information
  ◦ Airport
  ◦ Airline
  ◦ Flight number
  ◦ Date of arrival
• Personal information
  ◦ First name, surname, middle name(s)
  ◦ Date of birth
• Destination information
  ◦ Street name, number, city, province, postal code
  ◦ Date of arrival
  ◦ Date of departure
• Token number of your arriving airport

How to submit Federal ArriveCAN application:

Step 1: Download the ArriveCAN App on iPhone or Android
Step 2: 
Gather the above information to complete the application.
Step 3: 
Fill in the application within 48 hours before your arrival in Canada.
Step 4: 
Submit the application upon your arrival in Canada.

Assessment on arrival

During your 14-day period of isolation, you must:

• Pay close attention to your health and how you are feeling.
• Report your symptoms through the ArriveCAN app or call 1-833-641-0343 every day until the end of your 14-day quarantine.

What to do if you have COVID-19 Symptoms

• Call 8-1-1 to talk to a nurse at Healthlink BC for advice on your symptoms and what you should do next. Translation services are available in 130 languages.
•  Contact your Student Advisor for additional support.

Medical Insurance Requirements

All Columbia College students are required to have valid medical insurance. Due to COVID-19, we recommend that you arrange medical insurance before you arrive. Contact us at [email protected] once you have confirmed your travel date and we can provide you with proof of coverage. We require at least 72 hours’ notice to provide this insurance for you but recommend you get in touch as soon as you know when you are travelling to Canada. Please note that if you arrive before January 1, there will be an additional cost for this insurance added to your student account ($1.65 per day of coverage required).

Once you arrive in Canada, you should enroll in British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan. For more information about medical insurance for Columbia College students, click here or e-mail [email protected].

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If you have questions, please contact [email protected]mbiacollege.ca