Student Club Semester End Report

Thank you for leading a club this semester! Tell us how your club went this semester and let us know whether or not you will be continuing the club next semester. In addition, the information you provide will allow us to better support you in the future!

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Club Information


Club Activities

Max. file size: 4 GB.
Please attach your attendance sheet from this semester's meetings.
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Club sponsors only. Please attach your timesheet.
Briefly describe your club's events and activities and how they align with your club's purpose and goals. What personal growth and/or life experiences have students gained from your club this semester?
What are some ways the Student Life Coordinator may better support you in the future? (ie. information sessions, check-in meetings throughout the semester, any ideas to assist club leaders, etc.)


If your club will have a new leader next semester, who is the new leader?
Your club cannot continue without a leader. This position must be filled by the renewal deadline (end of Week 12).