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How will I pay for my studies? Can I work in Canada while I study at Columbia College?

Fees at Columbia College are much lower than international fees at BC universities. Students are allowed to work part time after completing the initial six months of study in Canada, which will help offset some of the monthly living expenses. Rules regarding work in Canada are overseen by CIC, please see Work Permit.

What kind of accommodation does Columbia College offer?

Columbia College offers homestay accommodation with Canadian families. This helps immerse new international students in the local culture and gives them support and insight about Canada.

How big are the classes? What is the study environment like?

The classes at Columbia College average about 18 students, with no more than 25 students per class. This ensures students get the individualized attention they need, while allowing for small group interaction. Compared to some bigger universities, which may have hundreds of students in a single class, this environment is much more student focused, allowing people to get to know each other and support each other.

What kinds of clubs, sports, and recreational activities can I do?

The College regularly organizes external trips and major events such as our semesterly welcome party, these are in addition to the range of student interest and sports clubs which offer weekly opportunities to meet other students and pursue a range of athletic and intellectual interests during your time studying in the Vancouver.

Where is the school located?

The school is located just east of Downtown Vancouver, in a custom-designed facility, close to transit, shops, the ocean, and fantastic recreational and entertainment amenities.

Can credits obtained from an Associate Degrees also be transferred to university?

Yes. Most universities accept all 60 credits from an Associate Degree, particularly if they are in the same subject area.

How long are college programs?

College programs typically range between one and two years. Students can transfer to certain university programs after just 24 credits, the equivalent of about two semesters of study. Other programs may require longer. Some students may also need more time to obtain the required GPA (Grade Point Average) to enter specific university programs. Associate Degrees require about 60 credits, or approximately two years of study.

What universities can I transfer to, after attending Columbia College?

Columbia College is a member of the BC Transfer System which means that inside the province of BC, all universities and other post-secondary schools have agreed to accept courses from Columbia College. Because it is closely aligned with these programs, Columbia College has consistently been one of the top three providers of international students to the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Do I need to show my high school transcripts again as well?

Normally a student who has done more than 24 credits with Columbia College will not need to show high school transcripts to their target university. Instead, the grades and courses done at the college will inform this decision.