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Student Services

When can I study part-time or take a one semester break?

After two semesters of full-time studies, you can enroll for one semester as a part-time student (1 or 2 courses) or take a break from your studies for one semester.

Whom may I talk to about personal problems?

You are welcome to speak, in privacy, with a Counselor or the Nurse about any problems you are having.

How can I apply for MSP (Medical Services Plan) Insurance?

Application forms (with instructions) are available in Student Services. See the Nurse or a Counselor for assistance.

How many credits do I need to transfer to a university?

Students wishing to transfer to 2nd Year studies at university normally require between 24-30 credits, but you can transfer up to 60 credits. Students who wish to transfer to 3rd Year studies normally require 54-60 credits.

How can I change my classes/sections?

See a counselor before the end of week one of each semester to change classes/sections.