Academic Requirements for University Transfer Programs

North American Education System (or other 12-year system)

High school graduation with satisfactory marks (equivalent to British Columbia 60% average or better) on four academic Grade 12 subjects.

British-Patterned Education System

Five GCE O-level/GCSE/IGCSE/SPM passes with minimum average ‘C’ plus three subjects at the Advanced level with a minimum score of D (or four subjects at the Advanced Subsidiary level).

Post-Soviet State Education System

High school graduation with a minimum average of 4 on academic subjects in the final year.

International Baccalaureate

Completed IB diploma or IB certificates to equivalent of North American high school graduation.

India High School Education System

Students should have a minimum of 75% average on their best four academic grade 12 courses (State Boards and National Open School) or 70% average (CBSE and ISCE) and have completed their grade 12 no more than two years before applying to the College.

Students applying on the strength of a Polytechnic Diploma should have a 75% average on all coursework.

Students applying for SDS from India WITHOUT AN AGENT please contact Margarita Masaquel at [email protected] for information on how to apply.

Other Education System

Equivalent of British Columbia Grade 12 graduation with satisfactory (minimum C) average on academic Grade 12 courses (or first-year university subjects for students in 10- or 11-year education system other than listed above).