Academic Requirements for University Transfer Programs

North American Education System (or other 12-year system)

High school graduation with satisfactory marks (equivalent to British Columbia 60% average or better) on four academic Grade 12 subjects.

British-Patterned Education System

Five GCE O-level/GCSE/IGCSE/SPM passes with minimum average ‘C’ plus three subjects at the Advanced level with a minimum score of D (or four subjects at the Advanced Subsidiary level).

Post-Soviet State Education System

High school graduation with a minimum average of 4 on academic subjects in the final year.

International Baccalaureate

Completed IB diploma or IB certificates to equivalent of North American high school graduation.

India High School Education System

Students should have a minimum of 75% average on their best four academic grade 12 courses (State Boards and National Open School) or 70% average (CBSE and ISCE) and have completed their grade 12 no more than two years before applying to the College.

Students applying on the strength of a Polytechnic Diploma should have a 75% average on all coursework.

Students applying for SDS from India WITHOUT AN AGENT please contact Margarita Masaquel at for information on how to apply.

Other Education System

Equivalent of British Columbia Grade 12 graduation with satisfactory (minimum C) average on academic Grade 12 courses (or first-year university subjects for students in 10- or 11-year education system other than listed above).