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Academic ESL and General ESL Courses

(NOTE:  I designates the first 7 weeks of each semester, II designates the second 7 weeks of each semester)

English 094 – I and II  (Upper Beginner)

This course is for students at an upper beginner level of English.  At this level, students work on developing basic reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in an interactive environment.

English 095 – I and II (Intermediate)

This course is for students at an intermediate level of English.  At this level, students work on improving listening and speaking skills.  Attention is given to developing reading and writing skills and to expanding vocabulary.

Prerequisite: 094-I and/or 094-II or equivalent.

English 096 – I and II (Upper Intermediate)

This course is for students who are at an upper intermediate level.  Emphasis is placed on expanding reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in a communicative environment requiring active student participation.

Prerequisite: 095-I and/or 095-II or equivalent.

English 097 – I and II (Advanced)

This course is for students at an advanced level of English who have a basic grasp of the fundamentals of English writing.  Students at this level are being prepared for entrance into the College’s academic program and may co-register in one academic course.

Prerequisite: 096-I and/or 096-II or equivalent.

English 097A – I and II  (Upper Advanced)

This is a course for ESL students who have a high degree of fluency in English.  This course is intended for students who wish to improve their communication skills for professional and/or social use.  Also, students who arrive at mid-semester and are ready for the academic program may be placed in this level to further improve their English skills before the next semester begins.  Considerable attention is given to expansion of vocabulary, consolidation of structure skills, improvement of writing, and the development of tactics for improved understanding and fluency.

Prerequisite: 097-I and/or 097-II or equivalent.

Elective courses

In addition to core courses covering writing, reading, speaking, and listening, students’ schedules include a selection of elective courses: Academic Reading, Academic Study Skills, Conversation, Current Events, Drama, English for Business, English for Humanities, English for Sciences, IELTS Preparation, Listening, Media Studies, Presentation Skills, and Pronunciation.  Elective selections vary depending on course level and enrollment.