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Grade 11-12 Foundation Courses

Biology 12

An introduction to cell and human biology.

Prerequisite: Biology 11 or Chemistry 11 and Communications 11.

Chemistry 11

A basic general chemistry course on atoms, molecules, elements, compounds, the mole concept and stoichiometric calculations, types of chemical reactions, chemical bonds, gases, solutions, and elementary organic chemistry.

Prerequisite: None.

Corequisite: Precalculus 11 and English 097.

Chemistry 12

An advanced course in basic physical chemistry, focusing on the following topics: kinetics, equilibrium, acids and bases, solubility, and electrochemistry.

Prerequisite: Chemistry 11 and Precalculus 11.  

Corequisite: Communications 11.

Communications 11

A course in language training for academic study through intensive practice in the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Students develop these skills with a special emphasis on academic and non-fictional prose.

Prerequisite: English 097.

Corequisite: Writing Discourse 11.

Communications 12

An advanced communications course in the development of reading, writing, and study skills for academic purposes.  Students have opportunities to heighten understanding and appreciation of both fictional and non-fictional forms.

Prerequisite: Communications 11 and Writing Discourse  11.

Comparative Civilizations 12

This course explores selected aspects of major world civilizations, both Eastern and Western.  Aspects examined include everyday life, family relations, religion and world view, and literature, art and architecture.  The course is designed to show the diversity of civilizations and their cultural products, and to illustrate their contributions to the rest of the world.

Prerequisite: Social Studies 11 and Communications 11.

English 11

A course in literature and language skills. Through the development of skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking, students will broaden their ability to comprehend and analyse works in the four major genres of short story, poetry, drama and novel.

Prerequisite: Communications 12, Communications 11 with B or higher, or English 10 with a B or higher.

English 12

An advanced course in the study of literature and language skills. Students will build on their skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking, and will learn to more fully comprehend, analyse, evaluate, and express their views on the four major genres of short story, poetry, drama, and novel.

Prerequisite: English 11, or Communications 12 with B or higher.

Geography 12

Topics include understanding tectonic and gradational features and processes, weather and climate and their impact on human activities, biomes, resources and environmental sustainability.

Prerequisite: Social Studies 11 and Communications 11.

History 12

A study of the major historical events of the 20th century including the Treaty of Versailles, the boom and bust of the 20’s and 30’s, WWII, and the decolonialization of the world following WWII. Key economic and political changes, and the rise of new nations in the latter half of the twentieth century will also be discussed.

Prerequisite: Social Studies 11 and Communications 11.

Planning 10

A course to help students relate their learning in school to the demands of the working world and the expectations of Canadian society.  Four major areas will be covered: Post-secondary education and careers, Health, Personal finances and Graduation Transitions.

Graduation Transitions is a separate 4-credit requirement of the Senior Secondary Program that includes a 30 hour volunteer work and 150 minutes per week of physical activity. An interview is also required.

Corerequisite: English 097.

Planning 12

Planning 12 is available to students in the Adult Secondary Program. This is a course designed to have students relate their learning in school to the demands of the working world and the expectations of Canadian society. Major topics include preparing and planning for Post-secondary education and careers, Health and Personal Finances.”

Corequisite: English 097.

Physics 11

A general introduction to physics emphasizing kinematics and dynamics in one dimension, elementary DC circuit theory, waves, and optics.

Prerequisite: Precalculus 11.

Corequisite: English 097.

Physics 12

A course in mechanics, electricity and magnetism and quantum theory.  Vector methods are used extensively.

Prerequisite: Physics 11.

Corequisite: Precalculus 12 and Communications 11

Precalculus 11 (Math 11)

Topics include: (1) solving radical, rational, polynomial, absolute value and reciprocal functions, (2) trigonometry including the cosine law and sine law, (3) linear and quadratic systems of equations and inequalities, (4) arithmetic and geometric sequences and series and their applications.

Prerequisite: Mathematics 10.

Corequisite: English 097.

Course Outline PDF file

Precalculus 12 (Math 12)

Topics include: (1) analysis and applications of logarithmic and exponential functions, trigonometric functions (degree 1 and 2) and related trigonometric identities, (2) composition of functions and their domains, (3) transformations of radical, rational, inverse, reciprocal and absolute value relations, (4) solving polynomial functions (degree 3 to 5), (5) combinatorics and the binomial theorem.

Prerequisite: Precalculus 11.

Corequisite: English 097.

Course Outline PDF file

Social Studies 11

A review of the geography of Canada’s regions, the structure and operation of government, and the history of the economic and social factors that have shaped the Canadian Confederation. Problems of the world today, including relationships among population, urbanization, land use and the environment will be discussed.

Prerequisite: Communications 11.

Writing Discourse 11

This course provides intensive practice in the writing of short academic and non-academic prose with a special emphasis on paragraph development and sentence level skills.

Prerequisite: English 097.

Corequisite: Communications 11.