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Asian Studies 213

Asian Studies 213

Religion, Myth, and Literature in Indian Cinema

Credits: 3

Length of Course: 14 weeks

Classroom Hours Per Week: 4 hours

Prerequisites: Asia 150 and 12 credits

Corequisite: English 100

Texts: Filming the Gods: Religion and Indian Cinema (chapters 1-5). R. Dwyer. Routledge, N.Y. 2006

Course Description:

This course will acquaint students with a variety of films in Indian languages while building upon a foundation of study acquired in Asia 150: Introduction to South Asia - Indian Religions. Students will critically apply a variety of interpretive methods to cinematic works ranging from the earliest years of film in India up to the modern day. All films will be shown with English subtitles. Students will examine critically both the role of the film producer and their own role as film consumer. A competency in thoughtfully exploring and considering complex social themes and aesthetic choices will be built, with the ultimate aim of enabling students to participate in and engage with film in an informed manner.


Class Participation 15%
Assignments 30%
Tests 30%
Final Examination 25%


Wayne Kreger, B.A. (Saskatchewan), M.A. (British Columbia)

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