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Business 250

Introduction to Marketing

Credits: 3

Length of Course: 14 weeks

Classroom hours per week: 4

Prerequisite: 15 credits

Corequisite: English 100

Text: Marketing, Solomon et al. Latest edition

Course Description:

This course introduces the students to the essential concepts, terms, and functions of marketing in the business organization. It also exposes students to management perspectives in the analysis, development, evaluation and implementation of marketing strategies through case studies in marketing. Students will learn the elements of marketing mix, situation analysis and how to develop a marketing plan.

Course Objectives:

To provide students with the fundamental knowledge of marketing concepts and tools in marketing through:

  • understanding the role of marketing in business,
  • understanding basic concepts and ideas, terminology and tools used in marketing, including marketing mix, consumer behaviour, situation analysis, marketing research and marketing strategy,
  • developing the knowledge and tools necessary to design and implement an effective marketing plan for a real product or service,
  • understanding the roles of analysis and creativity in a marketing plan,
  • understanding the ethical dimensions of marketing,
  • developing the ability to write and present an effective marketing plan.

Course Outline:

Week Title
Week 1 What is Marketing?
Week 2 Making Strategic Marketing Decisions
Week 3 Market Segmentation and Positioning
Week 4 Marketing Research
Week 5 Consumer Buying Behaviour
Week 6 Developing and Implementing a Marketing Plan & Appendix
Week 7 Organizational Buying Behaviour / (Midterm Exam)
Week 8 Product Strategy
Week 9 Product Management
Week 10 Pricing Strategy
Week 11 Channels and Supply Chain Strategy and Retailing and E-tailing
Week 12 Integrated Marketing Communications and Communication Mix and Tactics (Marketing Plan Due)
Week 13 Customer Satisfaction and Retention / (Marketing Plan Presentation)
Week 14 Final Examination


Stéphane Deseau M.Econ. ( Maine, France), M.Sc. ( Quebec)
Fatin Jallad B.A., B.Sc. ( Portland), M.Sc. ( New Mexico), M.Sc. ( Arizona) 

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