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Chemistry 123

General Chemistry II

Credits: 4

Length of Course: 14 weeks

Classroom Hours per Week: 4 hours lecture, 2 hours lab

Prerequisites: Chemistry 121

Corequisite: Math 113 and English 098

Text: General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications. Petrucci et al. Pearson Pub., latest edition

Course Description:

The second semester of a first year general chemistry course. The topics covered include organic reactions, kinetics, equilibria, thermodynamics, and electrochemistry.

Course Outline:

Week Topics
Week 1 - 2 Kinetics
Reaction rates and the collision theory. Rate laws. Determining the order of a reaction. The Integrated and Differential Rate Laws. Reaction mechanisms and rate-determining step. Transition state theory. Arrhenius equation and activation energy. Catalysts.
Week 3 - 5 Chemical Equilibrium
The equilibrium constants, K c and K p. Le Chatelier's principle. Solving equilibrium problems. Acids and bases. The strengths of acids and bases. pH of strong and weak acids and bases. Autohydrolysis of water, buffers, hydrolysis of salts. Acid/base titrations.
Week 6 - 7 Chemical Thermodynamics
Some definitions. Spontaneous reactions. Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics. Internal energy versus enthalpy. Hess' law of heat summation. Free energy. Standard entropies and free energies. Free energy versus standard free energy. Free energy and equilibrium. Free energy and work.
Week 8 - 9 Electrochemistry
Galvanic cells. Cell potentials, free energy and work. Concentration cells. The Nernst equation. Batteries. Corrosion. Electrolytic cells and Faraday's Laws.
Week 10 - 13 Organic Chemistry
An introduction to simple reactions of organic functional groups, including addition, elimination, substitution, acid/base and oxidation/reduction reactions.


3 Tests 45%
Final Exam 35%
Laboratory and Homework 20%


Brenda Louie BSc (SFU), PhD (UBC)
Mehdi Meshgini BSc, MSc (Oregon State), PhD (Washington)
Taraneh Lajevardi, BSc (Azad), MSc (Azad), MSc (SFU)
Hema Giesbrecht, BSc Hon (U. Mauritius), PhD (SFU)

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