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French 101

Introductory French I

Credits: 3

Length of Course: 14 weeks

Classroom Hours per Week: 5

Prerequisites: English 098 with C+

Corequisite: English 099​

Text: Mitchell, James G., Mitschke, Cherie and Tano, Cheryl. A traves le monde francophone PROMENADES. V. I. 2nd ed. Boston: Vista Higher Learning. 2014. (Textbook Websam, and Supersite Access Package)

Course Description:

FREN 101 is an introductory course for students with no previous knowledge of French. The course is designed to give students a basic grounding of the French Language. The classes (5 hours per week) will survey some features of the French Language (grammar/vocabulary) and explore Francophone cultures primarily from Canada and France. All activities will require interactive communication to reinforce these features

Course Outline:

Weeks Chapters Description
Week 1-2 Ch.1-2 Vocabulaire: Greetings, Alphabet, Numbers: 0-60
Grammaire: Nouns, Articles, Etre, Adjective Agreement
Culture: Kissing, Typical French, Francophone World
Week 3-4 Ch.3-4 Vocabulaire: Class Subjects, Time
Grammaire: Present Indicative –ER-, Questions, AVOIR
Culture: University Classes, France
Week 5-6 Ch.5-6 Vocabulaire: Family, Description
Grammaire: Descriptive and Possessive Adjectives, Numbers: 61-100, Prepositions of Location
Culture: Family, Friendship, Paris
Week 7-8 Ch.7-8 Vocabulaire: Going Where?, I’m Hungry
Grammaire: ALLER, Interrogative Words, Prendre/Boire, Partitives
Culture: Pasttimes, Cafés, Normandie et Bretagne


Week 9-10 Ch.9-10 Vocabulaire: Activities, Weather
Grammaire: Faire, Irregular –IR-, Numbers: 101+, Spelling-Change –ER-
Culture: Football, Gardens, Cycling, La Loire et Le Centre
Week 11-12 Ch.11-12 Vocabulaire: Celebrations, Clothes
Grammaire: Demonstrative Adjectives, Passé Composé with AVOIR, Indirect Object Pronouns, Regular/Irregular –RE-
Culture: Carnaval, July 14, Fashion, Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrénées et Languedoc-Roussillon


Week 13   Revue et activités culturels
Week 14   FINAL EXAM / EXAMEN FINAL (Covering Weeks 7-12)


Final Exam 30%
Mid-term Exam 20%
Oral Exam 6%
Quizzes (6) 12%
Homework (incl. Supersite) 20%
Participation: (incl. Social Media,Attendance, Participation) 12%


Kosta Kolokatsis, B.A. (Concordia), M.A. (Western Ontario)

Transferability: see