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History 110

Canada's History Before 1867

Credits: 3

Length of Course: 14 weeks

Classroom Hours per Week: 4

Text: Conrad, M., Finkel, A., and Fyson, D. (2015) History of the Canadian Peoples: Beginnings to 1867, Volume 1, (Sixth Edition) 

Course Description:

History 110 is an introduction to the history of Canada from the period of earliest human occupation to Confederation in 1867. The course focuses on major themes in Canada’s past, including the diversity of early First Nations’ cultures, aboriginal and settler relations, colonialism, immigration, the fur trade, gender roles, family structures and social reform. A brief framework of the approaches and methods that historians use to study the past is presented.

Course Outline:

Week Title
Week 1  Chapter 1: Canada: A Bird’s Eye View
Week 2 -3 Chapter 2: First Nations of Canada
Week 4 -5 Chapter 3: Natives and Newcomers
Week 6 -7 Chapter 8: Social Life in New France
Week 8 - 9 Chapter 10: British North America
Week 10 - 11 Chapter 12: The Fur Trade in the West
Week 12 Chapter 15: The Canadas: Economy and Society
Week 13 Chapter 22: The Road to Confederation


Quizzes (Multiple choice & essay questions)    20%
Primary Source Analysis  5%
Research Paper/Project 10%
Mid‑term Exam (Essay questions) 20%
Final Exam (Essay questions)              30%
Discussion/Class Participation 15%


Meghan Bowe, M.A. (Victoria), Ph.D. (Cambridge)

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