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History 120

Canada's History After 1867

Credits: 3

Length of Course: 14 weeks

Classroom Hours per Week: 4

Text: Conrad, M., Finkel, A., and Fyson, D. (2014) History of the Canadian Peoples: 1867 to the present, Volume 2, (Sixth Edition) 

Course Description:

History 120 is an introduction to the history of Canada from 1867 to the present. The course examines key themes and processes that have shaped Canada as a nation, including First Nations’ relations, regional and national identities, industrialization and immigration, Canada’s position in international politics, Quebec sovereignty, education and social change. The course draws from a wide range of sources, including literature, video material and historic sites, and presents a brief framework of the methods that historians use to study the past.

Course Outline:

Week Title
Week 1  Chapter 1: A People In Search of a Nation
Week 2 -3 Chapter 2: Nation-Building 
Week 4 -5 Chapter 4: The New Industrial Order
Week 6 -7 Chapter 7: The Great War and Reconstruction
Week 8 - 9 Chapter 10: Canada’s Great Depression and World War 
Week 10 - 11 Chapter 14: Community, Nation and Culture 
Week 12 Chapter 16: The Politics of Uncertainty
Week 13 Chapter 17: Canada in the Age of Anxiety


Quizzes (Multiple choice & essay questions)    20%
Primary Source Analysis  5%
Research Paper/Project 10%
Mid‑term Exam (Essay questions) 20%
Final Exam (Essay questions)              30%
Discussion/Class Participation 15%


Meghan Bowe, M.A. (Victoria), Ph.D. (Cambridge)

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