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Mathematics 113

Calculus I for Science and Engineering

Length of Course: 14 weeks

Classroom Hours per Week: 4 hours

Number of Credits: 3 credits

Prerequisite: B.C High School Pre Calculus 12 with a C or Math 100/110 with a B.

Corequisite: English 097

Course Description

This is the first semester of a first year calculus program for students in the sciences or engineering. The course covers continuity, derivatives and antiderivatives of the elementary functions, and applications of the derivative in graphing and extremum problems.

Course Outline

Length Description

Week 1

Limits, Computing Limits, Limits at infinity, End Behavior of a Function

Week 2

Continuity, Continuity of Trigonometric, Exponential, and Inverse Functions

Week 3

The Derivative: Tangent lines and Rates of Change, The Derivative Function, Introduction to Techniques of Differentiation

Week 4

The Derivative: The Product and Quotient Rule,  Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions, The Chain Rule

Week 5

Implicit Differentiation,  Derivatives of Logarithmic Functions

Week 6

Derivatives of Exponential and Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Related Rates

Week 7

Linear Approximations and Differentials, L’Hopital’s Rule, Indeterminate Forms

Week 8

Analysis of Functions I: Increase, Decrease, and Concavity

Analysis of Functions II: Relative Extrema, Graphing Polynomials

Week 9

Analysis of Functions III: Rational Functions, Cusps, and Vertical Tangents

Curve Sketching

Week 10

Absolute Maxima and Minima

Applied Maximum and Minimum Problems

Week 11

Newton’s Method, Rolle’s Theorem, Mean-Value Theorem

Week 12


Week 13


Week 14

Final Exam 


Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 10th edition by Anton, Bivens, and Davis.

Course Evaluation

Quizzes and Homework 10-20%
Midterm Exams 30-40%
Final Exam 50%


Please refer to the BC Transfer Guide


Arman Ahmadieh B.Sc., M.Sc. (Sharif University of Technology)
Hayri Ardal, B.Sc.(Bogazici), Ph.D.(Simon Fraser)
Kim Peu Chew, B.Sc. (Nanjing), M.A., Ph.D. (British Columbia)
Ana Culibrk, B.Sc.,M.Sc. (Belgrade),M.Sc.(British Columbia)
Rika Dong, B.Sc. (Simon Fraser), M.Sc. (Regina)
Sam Ekambaram, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Madras), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Simon Fraser)
Himadri Ganguli, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Chennai), Ph.D. (Simon Fraser)
Peter Hurthig, B.Sc., M.Sc. (British Columbia)