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Psychology 217

Research Methods in Psychology

Length of Course: 14 weeks

Classroom Hours per week: 4

Number of Credits: 3

Prerequisites: 12 credits, PSYC 110 and 120.

Corequisite: English 100

Text: Research Methods in Psychology, 2nd Canadian edition. P.C. Price et al.

Course Description

This course will introduce the basic and major principles and procedures employed by psychologists for designing and conducting scientific experiments, and critically evaluating experimental methodology and research findings. PSYC217 is designed to cover the fundamental concepts, principles, and methods used in psychological research for testing psychological hypotheses, analyzing the research data, and communicating research findings. This course will help students to critically consider and examine the main ethical considerations of psychological research. This course will enhance students’ understanding and appreciation of the scientific knowledge reported in the literature. By the time students complete PSYC217, they should be able to identify and employ the main scientific methods used in psychological research for studying both human and animal behaviour, effectively conduct library and online literature searches, and also appreciate the essential features, limitations, and applications of a wide range of research designs such as correlational studies, surveys, case studies, experiments, and quasi experiments, and identify likely factors that influence the internal and external validity of  research findings in psychology.  They will also learn the basic and major concepts and statistical procedures for data analysis, scientific communication of research findings in psychology as well as preliminary familiarity with Excel software for data entry and data analysis.

Course Topics/Outline

- The Science of Psychology

- Getting Started in Research

- Research Ethics

- Theory in Psychology

- Psychological Measurement

- Experimental Research

- Nonexperimental Research

- Complex Research Designs

- Single-Subject Research

- Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

Evaluation Plan

The grade breakdown for this course will be as follows:

Attendance and participation 10%;
Assignments (3 at 5%) 15%;
Tests (3 at 15%) 45%
Final Exam 30% 


Crystal Ehresman, B.A. (Saskatchewan), M.Sc. (Lethbridge)

Transferability: see