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Spanish 102

Introductory Spanish II

Length of Course: 14 weeks
Classroom Hours per Week: 5 hours lecture
Number of Credits: 3 credits
Prerequisite: Spanish 101

Corequisite: English 099​

Course Description

This is a continuation of SPAN 101 and is designed to give students a solid grounding in the basics of the Spanish Language. The classes will survey the main features of the Spanish Language (grammar/vocabulary) and explore Hispanic cultures. All activities will require interactive communication to reinforce these features.

Course Outline

Week Chapter Content
Week 1/2 Chapter 7 Vocabulario: Daily Routine and Hygiene, Time Expressions
Gramática: Reflexive Verbs, Negatives, Preterite: Ser/Ir, Gustar and related verbs
Cultura: Perú, Siesta and Health
Week 3/4 Chapter 8 Vocabulario: Food
Gramática: Irregular Preterite forms, Double Object Pronouns, Comparisons/Superlatives
Cultura: Guatemala, Fruits/Vegetables
Week 5/6 Chapter 9 Vocabulario: Fiestas, Relationships, Stages of Life
Gramática: Irregular Preterite forms, Qué vs Cuál, Pronouns after Prepositions
Cultura: Chile, Traditions/Holidays
Week 7/8 Chapter 10

Vocabulario: Health/Medical, Parts of the Body, Symptoms/Conditions
Gramática: Imperfect, Preterite vs Imperfect, SE constructions, Adverbs
Cultura: Costa Rica, Health Services

Midterm Exam (Ch. 7-9)

Vocabulario: Pasatiempos, Sports
Gramática: IR, Stem-Changing Verbs e->ie, o->ue, Irregular YO forms
Cultura: Mexico, Sports

Week 9/10 Chapter 11 Vocabulario: Home Electronics, Computers, Car/Accessories
Gramática: TU Commands, Por vs Para, Reciprocal Reflexives, Stressed Possessive Adjectives/Pronouns
Cultura: Argentina, Cell Phone and Texting
Week 11/12 Chapter 12 Vocabulario: Parts of the House, Chores, Table Settings
Gramática: Relative Pronouns, Formal Commands, Present Subjunctive, Subjunctive: Will of Influence
Cultura: Panamá, Homes
Oral Exam / Examen Oral
Week 13 Chapter 13 Gramática: Subjunctive: Emotions/Doubt/Conjunctions
(Additional grammar points not in Final Exam, but students are required to know):
Gramática: Subjunctive: Adjective Clauses/Past – Future - Past Participles –
Present / Past Perfect Subjunctive Perfect(s) - Conditional / IF Clauses
Review and Conversational-Related Activities
Group Presentations & Bonus Project
Week 14   Final Exam/ Examen Final (Ch. 7-13)


Final Exam 33%
Mid-Term Exam 20%
Oral Exam 5%
Quizzes (6) 12%
Homework (incl. Supersite) 20%
Participation (incl. Social Media, Attendance, Bonus Project) 10%
Group Presentation 5%


Blanco, José Donley, Philip Redwine. VISTAS. Introducción a la lengua española, V.2. 4th edition. Boston: Vista Higher Learning, 2012 [Textbook, Workbook, Maestro Supersite Access Code]


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Kosta Kolokatsis, B.A. (Concordia), M.A. (Western Ontario)