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Programs Offered

University Transfer Program

The University Transfer Program offered by Columbia College allows students to take their first and second year university-level studies in the more personal atmosphere of a smaller college before transferring to second or third year at a university.

Transfer credit is pre-arranged for university courses completed at Columbia College with local and regional universities such as the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Capilano University, the University of Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island University, and the University of Northern British Columbia. It is customary for other universities in Canada and the United States to recognize the transfer credits listed by the British Columbia Commission on Admissions and Transfer, BCCAT (see

Associate Degrees Program

Columbia College is authorized to offer two-year Associate Degrees. These degrees, awarded upon completion of at least 20 courses (and the fulfillment of  specific requirements) are useful both as a stand-alone qualification and also as a basis of admission to third year at university.

Universities in British Columbia recognize the value of Associate Degrees and accept them as a basis for admission to third year of baccalaureate programs. BC’s public research universities all guarantee the full 60 credits to students admitted on the strength of an Associate Degree (though specific course requirements must still be completed if not included in the Associate Degree), even if not all courses counting towards the Associate Degree transfer to the university in question individually. Some universities give priority in admission to Associate Degree holders.

In addition, upon completion of an Associate Degree, a student on a Study Permit is eligible to apply for a 3 Year full time Work Permit.

High School Programs

Columbia College’s High School programs are certified by the Province of British Columbia. Students hoping to gain admission to a Canadian university will be academically well-equipped when they graduate from one of the College’s High School programs. The College offers four distinct High School program options. Note that only completion of the Senior Secondary Program will allow a student to be eligible for direct entry to a university, while successful completion of the other programs will allow a student to enter the University Transfer Program at Columbia College. 

There are four programs available:

  • Senior Secondary
  • Accelerated Secondary
  • Adult Secondary
  • University Preparatory

Academic ESL Program

The Academic Preparatory English Program provides English instruction for two types of students:

  • Students who have been accepted into an Academic Program but whose English skills are deemed insufficient
  • Students wanting an academic environment in which to learn English

There are five levels in which students may be placed based on their performance on assessment or placement tests. Students may begin their program at the beginning of any semester or at any mid-semester entry point if they are taking full time English.