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Academic ESL

Columbia College offers comprehensive English language courses for international students who wish to improve their English before continuing in academic studies in Canada.

Program Overview

The Academic ESL Program

The Academic ESL Program is a full time (25 hours per week) program designed for students who need to improve their English before entering a University Foundation or University Transfer Program. The goal of the Academic ESL Program is to introduce students to the essentials of academic writing and communication required for academic study in Canada.

The General ESL Program

The General ESL Program is for students who do not desire to register in an academic program at Columbia College but wish to improve their English in an academic environment. There are five levels in the Academic Preparatory English and General ESL Program. Each level is normally completed in fourteen weeks, although students who excel in their level will move up more quickly. All students are expected and encouraged to participate fully in all class activities. Our program is based on the student-centred model whereby students are asked to work in small groups and to make presentations within the classroom.

Program Start Dates & Levels

There are six start dates per year, and the minimum program length is seven weeks. All new students take a placement test before starting classes, and are placed at one of the following levels:

  • 094 (Upper Beginner)
  • 095 (Intermediate)
  • 096 (Upper Intermediate)
  • 097 (Advanced)
  • 097A (Upper Advanced)

Each level is normally completed within 14 weeks, although some students may complete a level within 7 weeks.

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