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Foundation (Gr 11-12)

Columbia College's Grade 11 & 12 University Foundation Programs are for university-bound students who wish to complete Grade 11 or 12 in Canada, leading to a British Columbia High School diploma or certificate. 

Programs include:

The College also offers a University Preparatory Program, for students who have finished high school but lack certain high school courses needed for direct entry to a University Transfer or Associate Degree Program.

Transfer Standing

Many students are eligible to receive “transfer standing” (TS) credit for courses taken before entering Columbia College.  TS will be granted for courses that are considered equivalent to the established provincial or board authorized course.

An overseas student who transfers into a Foundation Program may be eligible for advanced placement at the Grade 11 or 12 levels if TS credit has been granted in the prerequisite Grade 10 or 11 course.  TS will normally be granted for:

  • Hong Kong Certificate of Education (minimum grade D) or equivalent in the New Academic Structure
  • Indonesian SMU II (minimum grade 7)
  • SijilPelajaran Malaysia (SPM or MCE) (minimum grade C)
  • Singapore GCSE/GCE ‘O’ Level (minimum grade C or 6)

Transfer standing for a Language 11/12 will be granted as specified by the Ministry of Education.  Transfer standing will be awarded only if official final results are presented.

Provincial Examinations

Provincial examinations may be written at Columbia College in January, April or May, June and/or August.  Students in the Senior Secondary Program must write English 10, Mathematics 10, Science 10, Social Studies 11 and Language Arts 12 (English 12 or Communications 12).

Required provincial exams should be written at the first available opportunity. Students wishing to write a provincial exam must inform their counselor and pay a $50.00 registration fee per exam.  This fee will be refunded to the student once they write the exam. Students who fail to turn up for a registered exam will forfeit the $50.00. Students who score lower than 40% on the School Mark in an examinable subject will not be permitted to write the provincial exam in that subject.

Mathematics Courses

Any one of the three grade 11 mathematics courses (Precalculus 11, Foundations of Mathematics 11 or Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics 11) can be used to fulfill Senior Secondary graduation requirements in British Columbia. As university admission generally requires Precalculus 11, Columbia College has chosen to offer only this grade 11 Mathematics course on a regular basis.

Dual Credit

The BC Ministry of Education allows students to take courses at recognized post-secondary institutions and count these courses as four-credit non-subject specific grade 12 courses towards completion of the requirements for high school graduation, while at the same time receiving full university transfer credit.

Students nearing completion of the Senior Secondary, Adult Secondary or Columbia College’s High School Completion Programs may take university-level courses at Columbia College (except foreign languages) provided prerequisites and university entrance requirements have been met.  Students require 60% on four academic grade 12 courses or 67% on at least two academic grade 12 subjects if less than four have been completed, in order to register in a dual credit course. Dual credit courses will receive 3 university transfer credits as well as 4 secondary credits.  For example, a student may register in Economics 101, and upon successful completion, will earn 3 university credits (entered on the transcript as ECON 101) together with 4 secondary credits (entered as PSIAD 12).  Students may count only one PSIAD 12 as an academic grade 12 course in their foundation program; additional PSIAD courses may be taken as elective foundation credits.   There is a supplementary fee for courses taken as dual credit.