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Accelerated Secondary Program

Students with strong results in academic courses at the Grade 10 level and who do not wish to obtain the BC Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood Diploma) can choose to enter the Accelerated Secondary Program in order to enter the University Transfer Program at Columbia College.

Required Courses Credits
Eng 11 or Cmns 11 4
Eng 12 or Cmns 12 4
Pre-calculus 11 (or Math 11) or Social Studies 11 4

Three Academic Grade 12 courses chosen from: Biology 12, Chemistry 12, Comparative Civilizations 12, Geography 12, History 12, Physics 12, Precalculus 12 (Math 12)


One Additional Course chosen from: Planning 11, a Science 11 or Social Studies 11

  • Prerequisite courses must be completed and may increase the number of credits required to complete the program.
  • Upon completion of the above courses, students will receive the Columbia College Accelerated Secondary Program Graduation Certificate.

Students may continue their studies in the University Transfer Program at Columbia College if they have a minimum average of C (60%) on four Grade 12 courses.