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Adult Secondary Program

This BC Ministry of Education program is for students over the age of 18 and provides a quicker route to graduation and university-level studies at Columbia College. Students receive a BC Adult Graduation Diploma (Adult Dogwood Diploma) upon completion of this program.

Required Courses Credits
Eng 12 or Cmns 12 4
Precalculus (Math) 11 or 12 4

Three Academic Grade 12 courses chosen from: Biology 12, Chemistry 12, Comparative Civilizations 12, Geography 12, History 12, Physics 12, Precalculus 12.

  • Prerequisite courses must be completed and may increase the number of credits required to graduate.
  • Either Social Studies 11 or Planning 12 can be used in place of one academic Grade 12 course.
  • Provincial exams are optional.
  • Upon completion of the above courses, students will receive a BC Adult Graduation Diploma