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High School Programs (Grades 10, 11, & 12)

Starting in September 2017, Columbia College's High School Programs will be offered at Columbia College's North Campus, a short walk from the Main Campus. The North Campus is located at 333 Terminal Avenue. Students will enjoy this newly-renovated and well-equipped facility while retaining access to all the facilities at the Main Campus.

Columbia College’s High School programs are certified by the Province of British Columbia. Students hoping to gain admission to a Canadian university will be academically well-equipped when they graduate from one of the College’s High School programs.

Columbia College offers four distinct High School program options. Note that only completion of the Senior Secondary Program will allow a student to be eligible for direct entry to a university, while successful completion of the other programs will allow a student to enter the University Transfer Program at Columbia College.

Programs include:

Check out our brand new High School Programs viewbook 2017-2018!

Transfer Standing

Many students are eligible to receive “transfer standing” (TS) credit for courses taken before entering Columbia College. TS will be granted for courses that are considered equivalent to the established provincial or board authorized course.

An overseas student who transfers into a High School Program may be eligible for advanced placement at the Grade 11 or 12 levels if TS credit has been granted in the prerequisite Grade 10 or 11 course.

Transfer standing for a Language 11/12 will be granted as specified by the Ministry of Education. Transfer standing will be awarded only if official final results are presented. 

Dual Credit

The BC Ministry of Education allows students to take courses at recognized post-secondary institutions and count these courses as four-credit non-subject specific grade 12 courses towards completion of the requirements for high school graduation, while at the same time receiving full university transfer credit.

Students studying in a High School Program at Columbia College may be allowed to register in a university-level course and, upon successful completion, be granted credit for both the university course and a secondary course at the grade 12 level. (The latter will be recorded as PSIAD 12, not a specific subject, on transcripts.) A "dual credit fee" will be assessed in such cases.