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Computer Science

Students in a Columbia College Computer Science program take courses at the first and second year level and may then seek admission to one of several university faculties, including Science (UBC), Applied Sciences (SFU), and Engineering (UVIC). Specific course requirements vary among universities, but core first year courses are fairly standard.

Admission to Computer Science Departments is highly competitive. As a result, alternatives to a degree in Computer Science are becoming increasingly popular among students who are primarily interested in the applications, as opposed to the theory of Computer Science. Students are advised to learn about related programs.

A sample Computer Science program course load:

Semester 1 Semester 2
English 100 (3) English 110 (3)
Mathematics 113 (3) Mathematics 114 (3)
Computer Science 120 (3) Computer Science 125 (3)
Economics 103 (3) Computer Science 150 (3)
Philosophy 101 (3) Mathematics 252 (3)
15 semester credits 15 semester credits