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Registration Policy

Registration in courses at Columbia College is completed online

Early Registration takes place in the week following final examination week and is available to returning and continuing students. Students are assigned a registration date/time according to how long they have been studying at the College, and they may register any timeafter this (up to the end of the first week of classes).

Late Registration takes place during the first 5 days of classes, space permitting. A late fee will apply. Additional penalties will be assessed if tuition fees have not been paid in full by the fifth teaching day of the semester.

For registration dates, see academic schedule here.

Fees must be paid in full at the time of registration.

Proof of valid medical insurance must be shown before or at time of Registration. See Health Services.

Repeated Courses

Students are not normally permitted to repeat a credit course more than once.

Course Selection

Counsellors are available to assist students with course selection. Most course have prerequisites and/or corequisites and students will find themselves unable to register in courses unless these requirements are fulfilled. Students who have successfully completed a higher level courses will not be permitted to register in a lower-level course in the same subject area.

Course Changes: Add or Drop

Students may add, drop, or change courses up to the end of the fifth day of classes each semester. Courses dropped will not appear on the student’s permanent record; students may qualify for partial refunds on dropped courses. For more details see the Calendar.


After the first week of classes, and up to the end of the ninth week, students may withdraw from a course. The notation “W” will appear after the course name on the student’s permanent record. This course will not be considered when the GPA is computed. There will be no refunds on course withdrawals.

In the case of a student under the age of 19, the College requires the written permission of a parent (or guardian) before a course withdrawal will be permitted.

Students must consult a counsellor to withdraw from a courses(s) Failure to attend a course after registering for it does not constitute withdrawal, and will result in an F grade on the student’s record. Withdrawals are not permitted from required English courses, and the right to withdraw from courses in some programs (such as the University Preparatory Program) is limited. Students who are retaking courses for the purpose of improving a passing grade may withdraw from these courses up to the last day of classes.

Students should consult a Counsellor for details of withdrawal policies.