Medical Insurance

Health care costs in Canada can be very expensive. Columbia College requires you to have at least $1,000,000 of medical insurance during your time as a student to protect you against illness or injury. Coverage must begin when you pay for your initial tuition and be valid until the last day of your program.

As a Columbia College student, you are automatically enrolled in Insurance for urgent care medical concerns. insures you for up to five million Canadian dollars. The cost of coverage is $190 per semester, which is not an additional cost because it is included in your tuition fees. You are covered until the last day of the last month of your studies. covers you in case you become sick or injured, NOT when you are already sick or hurt. They do not pay for expenses for an illness or sickness that you already had before the start date of your policy, or for routine doctor’s visits or treatments.

For more information about your benefits or for a list of clinics in your area go to

Make sure you understand your policy benefits and limits. If you have questions you can call at 1 877 873-8447 or come talk to the Columbia College nurse or counsellor.

Medical Services Plan

Canada has a universal public health-care system. Each province and territory has their own health insurance plan. British Columbia’s health insurance plan is called the Medical Services Plan or (MSP). When you show your BC Services (MSP) card you will not have to pay up front to use public health care services such as hospitals, clinics, or laboratories. If you plan to study for more than one semester you are expected to apply for the Medical Services Plan (MSP). You can apply on your own, but if you need help visit Student Services or the nurse.

There is a monthly premium of $37.50 for British Columbia residents over the age of 19. MSP coverage is free to those under 19. To apply for MSP online you need to be at least 16 years or old and have access to an electronic copy of your study permit. This can be found on your student portal.

The study permit image must

  • Be valid for six months or longer;
  • Include the entire page, corner to corner;
  • Have legible text and the photo in focus.

If you do not receive your card within 12 weeks’ time, call MSP at 604-683-7151 to ask about your application. If you change your address or documented status (study permit, work permit, PR status, citizenship) you must inform MSP of the change.

Update your MSP account online. Once you receive your MSP coverage, bring it to Student Services to withdraw from coverage through You do not need to have both insurance and MSP insurance.