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Clubs and Activities


The Student Activities Coordinator is responsible for administering and supporting the many student clubs available at Columbia. These student clubs represent the main opportunities for students studying in all programs at the College to meet with fellow students outside of classes and participate in organized (and often entirely free) weekly activities.

New and current students are encouraged to attend the Student Association's regular meetings to keep up to date with the current opportunities at the College, or perhaps start organizing new ones! Columbia has a diverse student body, and you are sure to find at least one regular opportunity which will match your interests and introduce you to new friends at the College outside of your classmates.

All clubs are listed on our website for students, CC Talks. 


Columbia College has a Student Activities Coordinator who plans new and exciting events every week. The College believes that students should have a varied and active lifestyle. During the summer, the College organizes a Dragon Boat team, camping trips, soccer matches, and cycling tours. During the winter, students can go skiing, ice skating, and participate in indoor sports like basketball and volleyball. Vancouver is host to a diverse arts and outdoors community and Columbia College seeks to promote this rich culture to students.

The College also hosts special events such as Graduation and Awards Ceremonies and arranges outings to National Hockey League (NHL) games, ski trips to Whistler, Victoria, and camping.

All activities are listed on our website for students, CC Talks. 

Gym Membership

Staying healthy and keeping fit is a big part of the local culture in Vancouver, and information on many opportunities for staying active is provided in the College Orientation brochure and from the Student Activities Coordinator in Student Services.

The College provides a significantly subsidized Gym membership for students every semester, partnering with a local fitness chain to offer membership opportunities both in Vancouver, and also in the nearby cities.

Gym memberships are available from Student Services during the first week of classes each semester.