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Healthcare Insurance

Students will not be permitted to register without proof of adequate medical insurance (minimum coverage of $1,000,000) valid to the last day of the last month of the semester they are registering in. Private medical insurance can be purchased either online through Guard.Me before students arrive, or at the College during scheduled registration days. Students without medical insurance can obtain additional information from a Counselor or the College Nurse upon arrival at the College. The College does not assume liability for any failure by a student to maintain adequate medical insurance.

Government insurance through the Medical Services Plan (MSP) is available once a student has lived in Canada for three months. The application form and instructions on how to apply to MSP are available in Student Services.

Government Insurance (MSP)

Please apply and mail your application upon your arrival to BC. More information will be available at Orientation.

Private Insurance

For a students’ convenience, new students may purchase insurance online through Guard.Me, a private insurance company, at www.Guard.Me/ColumbiaCollege for $190 per semester. 

Please ensure any insurance purchased either in or outside of Canada covers a minimum of $1,000,000.00 (one million CDN dollars).