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If you need accommodation in Vancouver, the College can arrange for you to stay with one of our host families. You will be accommodated in a private room in the home of a Canadian family, with three meals provided per day. To be placed with a family, you will need to pay a one-time placement fee to the College and monthly rent to the family. See the Fees section for further details. 

Custodianship (for students under 19)

If you are an international student under 19, when you apply for a Canadian Study Permit, you will be asked to provide documents showing that you have a custodian in Vancouver who can help you in case of need. Columbia College will assist in making custodianship arrangements for students under 19 who are also staying in a homestay arranged by the College. If you wish us to make custodianship arrangement for you, please indicate this when you apply for homestay. Students under 19 who wish to make their own arrangements for accommodation must also make their own custodianship arrangements. Please note that students under 19 in a Grade 11 or 12 University Foundation Program must provide copies of custodianship documents when they first register.

Homestay Family

Each family has been selected and visited by a college representative. We search for families who are willing to offer a warm environment, are kind and friendly, and enjoy meeting students from other countries.

Homestay Office

Our homestay coordinator assists students in adjusting to the new environment while they are in homestay. The coordinator is available to hear any issues or concerns you may have about your homestay placement. If you have any problems or questions, please come and talk to her.


Homestay Coordinator (