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Student Orientation

Orientation is provided before each semester begins and is designed to introduce new students to the academic and social life of the College. Academic programs are previewed and planned, students’ Math and English skills are assessed, and information on Columbia College and life in Vancouver is provided. The orientation program is particularly important to international students, and they should make every effort to attend the full week of orientation.

Orientation for new students takes place in the week before classes begin each semester, and is absolutely key to making a really smooth and successful start at Columbia College.

Student Volunteers from dozens of countries will meet you on the first day of Orientation and will be by your side through the week to give you advice on making a great start at the College, and on where you need to be throughout the week! These volunteers will also take you and many other new students out to various free enjoyable and social activities during this first week, so you will be sure to have met and have new friends at Columbia before classes have even begun.

The Orientation Brochure will be available online and by e-mail on request at least one month before orientation week begins, so study it and ensure you know where to be and when, and enjoy saying “Hello” on our well used social media channels! This way, you can meet students and share which fun activities you will be attending before you have arrived!

The Summer 2016 Welcome Information can be downloaded, here.