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First Week

Orientation for new students takes place in the week before classes begin each semester, and is absolutely key to making a really smooth and successful start at Columbia College.

Student Volunteers from dozens of countries will meet you on the first day of Orientation and will be by your side through the week to give you advice on making a great start at the College, and on where you need to be throughout the week! These volunteers will also take you and many other new students out to various free enjoyable and social activities during this first week, so you will be sure to have met and have new friends at Columbia before classes have even begun.

See the Welcome Week Brochure for a schedule of the events during the first week.

College E-mail

All students registered at Columbia College have an e-mail account. When you arrive for orientation, your Student Email account and Wifi account will be waiting for you! Students must check their e-mail regularly for important information and updates.

Student Identification Cards

All new students are issued a Columbia College student identification card upon presentation of their completed registration form. The card provides the student with a College photo-ID and serves as a library card. Students are required to produce photo-ID during examinations or at other times on campus. Each semester, student ID cards are validated during registration.

New students must have an ID card. ID cards made in previous semesters are NO LONGER VALID and require a current semester sticker.

Bring your Yellow Registration form to Ben in Student Services!

ID Cards will be made during Orientation week, and also during the first weeks of classes. Get yours as soon as possible.