Career Services

Make the most of your time at Columbia College and get a head start on your career

Looking for individualized career support? Career Services is here to help you succeed at work during your time at CC and beyond. We run workshops and programs, offer in-person support and provide many online resources to help you navigate your career journey.

Head to the 3rd floor of our Main Campus and check out our board for resources and potential job opportunities on and off-campus.

Career Services for CC Students

• Resume and cover letter improvement
• Career and employment-themed workshops (networking, enhancing interviewing skills, job search techniques etc.)
• Assisting students in identifying their career goals through formal and informal assessments
• Mock interviews to help prepare students for the job market
• Connecting students to resources to enhance job search strategies
• Building an online presence through LinkedIn
• Creating and finding networking opportunities for students

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Work & Volunteer Opportunities

On-Campus Opportunities

Current job and volunteer openings at Columbia College

Off-Campus Opportunities

Current job and volunteer opening in the community

Community Connection Program

In this program, Columbia College will cover the employment costs for students to take on projects and provide support services to local community benefit organizations. 

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Upcoming Events

Past Events

Fall 2023: Job Search Workshop

Summer 2020: International Young Professionals Series by Columbia College

Useful links and resources

Need more information to help you as you develop your job search strategies? Here are some useful links and resources!


Job Bank

Arts/Social Sciences:

BC Alliance for Arts and Culture
Work in Culture
Work in Non-Profits


Mosaic Jobs

S.T.E.M. (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics):

BioTalent Canada
Life Sciences BC

Tech and Local Start-Ups:


Tourism, Hotel and Hospitality:



BC Government Jobs
Federal Government Jobs
Civic Jobs

Volunteer, Charity and Non-profit Sector:

Work in Non Profits
Charity Village
Volunteer Canada

Career Cruising

  • Career self-exploration and planning program that assists students with finding the right career, exploring different career options, and planning future education and training. 
  • Username: columbiacollege
  • Password: careers


  • Online professional social media platform 
  • Build and expand your online presence by connecting with professionals, classmates, alumni and anyone you have connected!


  • Job market research tool that tracks Canadian job market trends by collecting and analyzing information from millions of Canadian job ads found online 
  • Worxica answers questions like: How many job postings were advertised in the past year in your selected occupation? Who was hiring?  What skills and certifications did they require? How much did they pay? 

Career Trek BC

  • Great for career exploration; allows students to see the annual salary and requirements for each job. 
  • Easy to use and features informative videos.
  • Information is all local and based in British Columbia.

Government of Canada Job Bank

  • Official site by the Canadian government; you are able to search occupations based on wages, education, skills, and outlook.
  • Provides a NOC code (National Occupational Classification) for each occupation.
  • Also provides some job postings based on occupations.

Explore a field of study

  • Informed education choices early in life can help you obtain the skills and experience necessary to find work quickly, avoid unnecessary debt and get a better start to your career.  
  • This resource offers recent graduate data across Canada for all fields of study

Road Trip Nation

  • Provides interview videos of individuals established in their field. 
  • Great source of inspiration for students who are unsure of their career plan to watch / listen to established people in their industry.

 Work BC – Career Compass

  • Informal self-assessments available for students.
  • Based on abilities, work preference, and subjects.
  • Easy to use and great for students to get an idea of which occupation suits them.

Find your NOC (National Occupational Classification)

  • NOC (National Occupational Classification) code is the number the job is listed under in Canada’s official job classification system. See here to view the 6 TEER categories.

Labour Market Outlook 

  • PDF version of the British Columbia Labour Market Outlook: 2022 Edition
  • Students will be able to view a 10- year forecast of job openings throughout BC and which jobs are in high demand.

What Can I Do With a Degree in..

  • A great tool for students who want a better understanding of the potential degrees that they may be pursuing.
  • Students will be able to understand the potential working environments and occupations related to each degree

Skills for the Future Workforce

  • Students will be able understand which skills are needed to succeed in BC’s future workforce.  

50 ways to get a job

  • An interactive website for students to determine where they are in their job search

Free Tax Clinics for Students

  • You may be eligible for help at a free tax clinic if you have a modest income and a simple tax situation 

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Student Career Advisor
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