Student Emergency Support Program (SESP)

The Columbia College Student Emergency Support Program (SESP) is intended to help students access funding in order to support their basic needs, including physiological and safety needs.

To receive funding students must meet all eligibility requirements noted below and apply for funding in at least one of the approved funding categories identified. 

SESP funding is intended to help students get back on their feet when an urgent or unexpected need arises that they cannot meet themselves. It cannot be used to pay for non-essential needs, or to pay for basic needs on an ongoing basis. Students are encouraged to work with counsellors, or other members of Student Services, to create a realistic, long-term, and sustainable plan for meeting their own needs moving forward. 

Students can apply for funding in the following categories:

  • Food/groceries

  • Clothing

  • Transit

  • Emergency health/medical expenses

  • Accommodation

  • Living costs

Funding cannot be requested for:

  • Tuition fees (outstanding or upcoming)

  • Previous debt obligations

  • Financial support for others

  • Non-essential expenses

  • Basic needs on an ongoing basis

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Students must be registered either part-time or full-time in the semester of application and can be registered in any program

  • Students must be currently living in the Greater Vancouver area

  • Students must be able to demonstrate their need by submitting a written statement of need and, in some cases, documentation. Acceptable documentation could include:

      • Medical documentation

      • Eviction notice

      • Bank statements

      • Letter of termination

      • Letter from employer, counsellor, support worker, or other professional

      • Note: Documentation must be recent, relevant, and obtained locally (documentation from overseas is not accepted)

  • Funding may be requested for an approved funding category, identified above

  • The demonstrated need must be urgent or unexpected

After reading the information above, you may contact our Student Success Coordinator, Timothy Woo [email protected] to complete your SESP application.