International Centre for Student Success (ICSS)

The ICSS provides comprehensive and holistic wrap-around supports to enable students from diverse backgrounds to access, continue, or restart their academic journey.

 Programs at the ICSS include counselling, tutoring, academic advising, immigration advisors, career support, and annual events such as the Limitless Conference to support and profile leadership skills amongst international students.   

Beginning in 2020 Columbia College will augment these programs with the:

Essential Technology and Workplace Skills Program

As part of Columbia College’s Essential Technology and Workplace Skills Program, we are launching the first initiative: The Applied Skills Program.

The Applied Skills Program is FREE Microsoft Office training courses for University Transfer/Associate Degree students. Our first cohort will be on Microsoft Word+ 2019, starting January 11, 2021 (8-week program).

Community Connections Program

This Winter 2021 semester the International Centre for Student Success at Student Services will be piloting a paid externship program for CC students. For this program, we are looking for students to take on project work with local non-profit and community benefit organizations. Students who are placed with local organizations will be paid a salary of up to $3500 for their work during a 14-week placement in the Winter 2021 semester.

Limitless Conference